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You were what I wanted, I gave what I gave

small favors by eve8 (t)

Fandom Category: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Fic Title: Small Favors
Author: Eve8
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Thor beams Jack and Sam up to his ship in the middle of the night and informs them that they have to make a baby in order to save the future of the Asgard race. Everyone of course finds this hilarious, except our two favorite Air Force officers. But, what really makes this fic a classic is how the author has Jack and Sam get to know one another without the excuse of military regulations in the way. There were of course always feelings between them, but Eve8 is able to turn the prospect of what those feelings represented into love.
Tags: fandom: stargate sg1, ship: samantha carter/jack o'neill

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