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3 recs!

Fandom Category: Castle
Pairing: Kate Beckett/Richard Castle

Fic Title: You’re So Pretty and I’m So Lame
Author: babylon_whore
Rating/Warning(s): T/No spoilers.
Genre: UST. Romance.
WIP?: Complete.
Why This Must Be Read: 'She's not sure how it happened. (She is.) But they've been making out against his apartment door for the last ten minutes.' I really need to say anything? Well, UST UST UST between them, and still they're totally in character :)

Fic Title: I'm holding onto you holding onto me
Author: hondagirll
Rating/Warning(s): G, maybe?/spoilers for 3x06; 3XK.
Genre: Angst.
WIP?: Complete.
Why This Must Be Read: This is really really short but just so beautiful. It describe Beckett's feelings perfectly.

Fic Title: And I draw a line (to your heart today).
Author: missymeggins
Rating/Warning(s): G/spoilers for 3x06; 3XK.
Genre: Angst. Romance.
WIP?: Complete.
Why This Must Be Read: Because it's brilliant. It takes place just after 3XK and the result is so gorgeous I could cry. It's sweet and slow and soft and so them.

First post, I hope it's okey ♥.
Tags: fandom: castle, ship: kate beckett/rick castle

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