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Silver Alliance by Lynnwood (R)

Fandom Category: Sailor Moon
Pairing: Senshi/Shittenou: Minako Aino/Kunzite, Rei Hino/Jedite, Makoto Kino/Nephrite, Ami Mizuno/Zoicite, Usagi Tuskino/Mamoru Chiba (here as Serenity/Endymion).
Fic Title: Silver Alliance
Author: Lynnwood
Link: (uncensored version)
Rating/Warning(s): R; violence, war times
Genre: humour, romance, AU, ANGSTY,
WIP?: yep. It does get updated but not as regularly as I would like.
Special Rec: 22/30

Why This Must Be Read: This one is also an AU, but a darker one. The relationships here aren't as pretty and neat as the previous rec. I will be honest and say there are somethings I don't fully agree with in this AU, but I find it paints such an interesting picture of how the Silver Millennium could have gone and it's politics. None of the romances, except Serenity and Endymion arguably, happen all that happily this time around. (Honestly, they're all stupid in love with each other. Emphasis on the stupid.) The characterisations are fresh for the setting and there are never enough Silver Millennium fics out there.
Tags: fandom: sailor moon, ship: aino minako/kunzite, ship: hino rei/jadeite, ship: kino makoto/nephrite, ship: mizuno ami/zoicite, ship: tsukino usagi/chiba mamoru, special reccer: hariboo_smirks

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