Syd15 (syd15) wrote in het_reccers,

The Academy by The-Black-Drop (T)

Fandom Category: Fringe
Pairing: Peter Bishop /Olivia Dunham (a LITTLE bit of Olivia/John at the beggining)
Fic Title: The Academy
Author: The-back-drop
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Friendship/Romance/Drama
WIP?: Yes (but the author update fairly often)

Why This Must Be Read:It must be read because is one of the best Fringe fics out there. Seroiusly. It's AU-ish but even me and I'm not really into AU fics LOVE it. It's AU because the story happens years ago when Charlie and Olivia and John (and everyone else, really) are still on the Academy studying to become FBI agents. The author manages to keep the characters in character while still giving them a sense of that younger style. Besides, she also manages to get into her fic a LOT of things from the show itself, and not only the characters (even the least important ones) but conversations and past relationships and a whole lot of other things and she does it beautifully.
Tags: fandom: fringe, ship: olivia dunham/john scott, ship: olivia dunham/peter bishop

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