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Don't Hold It Against Me, by smc_27 (NC-17)

Fandom Category: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Tyler/Caroline
Fic Title: Don't Hold It Against Me
Author: smc_27
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: General romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Following the recent ep where Caroline ends up befriending Tyler, I realized I had a new ship for this show. This story is gorgeously written. Caroline's POV is just so fabulous and perfect, equal parts sarcastic and kickass and yet still that vulnerable teenager we know she can be. And Tyler, with his anger issues, is really very well written too. If we see this side of him more on the show, I could be a huge fan.

A fully developed, "slow burn" relationship between these two in a one-shot. Very awesome.

"This blows," he mumbles as she gets up and grabs the first set of chains.

She watches as he slings them over his arms and sets them into place. There are rings hooked to the walls and they already came here to see how that would work, so he pushes one of the chains through and attaches it to the other. It all looks really heavy and complicated, and she doesn't know how he's going to be feeling after this, so she's trying to pay really close attention so she can remove the chains later.

"Does it hurt?" she asks out of nowhere. He just glares.

"Give me that lock."

She does as he tells her to, and clicks the lock closed, gives it a 'gentle' tug. "Damn, Caroline! That hurts!" Maybe it wasn't as gentle as she thought. She smiles cutely and pats his chest. "Okay. I think...we're good."

He doesn't sound confident at all. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Go."

"Tyler, I'm not going to..."

"Caroline," he cuts her off sternly. "Get out of here."

She shakes her head. It's getting closer and closer to midnight, but she's not just going to leave him here like this. "I'll be outside," she says, stepping closer.

"Go home," he tells her. "Seriously. There's nothing...I'm fine. I'll..."

She can't help herself. She puts her hands on his cheeks and leans forward, pressing her lips to his before he can say anything else and pretend he doesn't need or want her to stay close by.

And as soon as she's kissing him, she realizes just how badly she's wanted it recently. He's got these lips that...And his skin is so soft, and he starts kissing her back immediately, which just makes the whole thing even better. If they weren't on some kind of timeline, here, she wouldn't want to stop. When she hears him moan, she doesn't realize it's not the good kind until she pulls away and he says something.

"Why would you do that when my hands are tied?" he asks. She laughs softly and rests her forehead against his. "Would you just go?"

She moves away from him and rests her hand over the side of his neck. His pulse is racing and she thinks that kiss has very little to do with it. "I'm scared," she admits, not looking at him.

He scoffs. He's giving her a shitty look. "Suck it up, Princess. Look at me."

It actually manages to make her smile, and she kisses the side of his mouth before she grabs the flashlights and rushes out of the room and up the stairs.
Tags: fandom: vampire diaries, ship: caroline forbes/tyler lockwood

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