the world forgot (theworldsforgot) wrote in het_reccers,
the world forgot

Star Trek - Spock/Uhura

Fandom Category:
Star Trek XI
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Fic Title: Penance
Author: slwmtiondaylite
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): AU, Angst.
Genre: Romance, Drama.
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I never thought Star Trek and Atonement could be combined so beautifully but this is a lovely AU with a very well-developed universe. There are of course a few points where you have to suspend disbelief in order for the Atonement plot to work, but the romance and tragedy translate amazingly well. But obviously, if you've read/seen Atonement, you know that this is a major angst-fest.
Tags: fandom: star trek (reboot), ship: nyota uhura/spock

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