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Artistic Inspirations by rory_elizabeth (PG13)

Fandom Category: The Office
Pairing: Pam Beesley/Jim Halpert
Fic Title: Artistic Inspirations
Author: rory_elizabeth
Rating/Warning(s): PG13, minor sexual content
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: The characters are what make The Office what it is. Each is unique, with a distinct and colorful personality. Impressively, this fic manages to bring them to life in a way that stays true to the show - so much so that it's easy to visualize the actors you read this. This story will have you smiling and laughing, just like you do when you watch it on television. Very sweet and very well-written.

She let out a snort of laughter as she moved on to the drawers on the other side of the kitchen counter, the lit flashlight playing patterns on the dark walls. Inspiration hit her and she whipped around to face Jim, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Hey, guess who I am!"

Jim watched as she proceeded to shake the flashlight and dance ridiculously, the light zooming all over the kitchen walls and ceiling as she made beat-box noises.

It took everything Jim had not to break down into laughing hysterics as he watched her make a complete fool of herself. "Ummm … you are … Dwight when he was interrogating the office to find out who carpenter-glued the bathroom doors shut last month."

She stopped dancing and trained the flashlight on him. "Oooh, good guess Halpert. But no – I'm Michael doing his one-man rave dance last New Year's."

"Ah, my second choice," he said, nodding his head. "Dork."
Tags: fandom: the office, ship: pam beesley/jim halpert

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