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Phantoms of the Past by stefanie_bean (M)

Fandom Category: The Phantom of the Opera
Pairing: Christine Daae/Raoul de Chagny; Christine/Erik, the Phantom of the Opera; Christine/OMC
Fic Title: Phantoms of the Past
Author: stefanie_bean
Rating/Warning(s): M for sexuality, violence, and intense images in later chapters.
Genre: Drama/Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: When it became clear that "Favorite Fics of All Time" was going to win the Two Year Anniversary Poll, I *knew* I had to recommend this fanfic. "Phantoms of the Past" is the best long-form fanfic I've read. In any fandom. Ever. I am not exaggerating (and I am not just saying this, because stefanie_bean is on my flist).

A mature, passionate Christine looks back on her life after Raoul has died, following their thirty-year marriage. Christine comes to terms with her relationships with both Raoul and Erik and looks with hope towards her future. If you only ever read one The Phantom of the Opera fic, *this* should be the one.
Tags: fandom: phantom of the opera, ship: christine daae/erik the "phantom", ship: christine daae/raoul de chagny, ship: original character

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