swamp_ariadne (swamp_ariadne) wrote in het_reccers,

The Mouths of Babes by Thursdays Girl

Fandom Category: Inception
Pairing: Ariadne/Cobb
Fic Title: The Mouths of Babes
Author: thursdays_girl . Also StrangeLittleSwirl in FFnet.
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG / Spoilers for the film. 
Genre: Romance
WIP?: It is complete, but there is a companion piece here, entitled That Shines. Double posting? well, i try to be efficient that way.
Why This Must Be Read:  Intelligent fluffyness. The Ariadne/Dom pairing, like the Mal/Dom pairing, is practically built to be angsty so it is rare to find believable fluffiness. This is one of them. Follows the "five times something something" format.
Tags: fandom: inception, ship: ariadne/dom cobb

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