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6 HP Recs - Tonks/Remus + Lily/Sirius + Ginny/Harry + OC/James S. Potter ♥

My first fandom *tear*. Here's a selection of some favorites. (I believe the rule was 1 fandom + 4 pairings? I've grouped these together by pairing. Please tell me if I go wrong mods. :D)

Fandom Category: Harry Potter

REC #1 and #2

Pairing: Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin
Fic Title: Under The Table, and the offshoot, House of Cards.
Author: Lady Bracknell.
Link: Here and Here
Rating/Warning(s): T and R, respectively.
Genre: Humour/Romance
WIP?: No, and no. :D

Why This Must Be Read: I fell into the HP fandom fairly coincidentally, and stuck to canon ships initally. I've read so, so many fics where this pairing just falls apart, but Lady Bracknell holds the voices and the situation together perfectly. She's amazing, and I'm ashamed I can say so very little, but once you start reading these it'll all come together for you.

(Under the Table) "Sirius persuades a reluctant Tonks to take an even more reluctant Remus out for a drink on his birthday. Will there be a spark of something other than mutual annoyance between them?"

(House of Cards) "After a night's drinking, Tonks ends up in Remus' bed, with no idea how she got there. He takes the opportunity to prove that his inner Marauder is not so much dead and buried, as waiting for an opportunity to pounce."

REC #3

Pairing: Lily Evans/Sirius Black (later, Lily Evans/James Potter)
Fic Title: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: Angst/Romance
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Bloody hot. The writing, sexing and all round fic is excellent. Even if you're a canon junkie (like me) this fic is definitely a nice interlude between your first war angst ficlets. And I guess, if nothing else, it's an interesting exercise in taking up that latent Sirius Black flirtation in the Lily/Sirius dynamic and seeing where it can go (and turning up the heat. :D). Interestingly enough, here it's pre-Lily/James.

Summary: "The real reason Lily Evans keeps turning James Potter down? She's already sleeping with his best friend..."

REC #4

Pairing: Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter
Fic Title: This Means War
Author: Jeconais
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: I'm surprised this hasn't been recc'd to high heaven- although, most people have probably managed to find it themselves at some point. But, for the record, here I go: this remains, one of the most epic, crack-y, irreverent, monstrously long (226,807 words!) fics I've ever known. I warn you, ration yourself and block out your time, because this fic will eat you! At times, in the middle section, the narrative feels faintly slower, but forgive the author; the chapters are a nightmare and half long. Don't take this is as a "serious bsns" fanfic, with oodles of meta behind it; it starts off as a vague magical!rom-com and ends firmly in the land of super!power!Harry (&co), but that's half the fun. No honestly, it's basic premise is, "Squash Voldemort Like A Bug & Set Everyone Up For Life In The Process" -- but y'know. Done well. :D

Summary: "When the Weasley Boys interfere in Ginny's relationship with Dean, they make the biggest mistake of their lives. The witch decides that revenge is in order, and her first point of call is a new boyfriend - Harry."

REC #5 and #6
Pairing: OC/James Sirius Potter

Fic Title
: Breaking the Quidditch Code
Author: Mistress
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance
WIP?: Yes. ):

Why This Must Be Read: Smartly written, decently funny, and a nice slow ride up a deliciously fun pairing-hill. :D This fic stands out in my mind as having done the hard yards of the "relationship building". It actually has an entirely platonic relationship at the start between the two leads, Avery and James, which develops, in-fic (Y), to grudging-I-think-like-her and then mutual attraction. The canon cast and OCs are both thoughtfully drawn out, and James's obsession with "the Quidditch Code" manages to sit on that fine line of funny without becoming plainly unbelievable.

Summary: "I’m James Sirius Potter. Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I have girls. I have best mates. I have bad grades (the kitten was fine!). I have a legend. I also have teammates who break the Code, a Seeker trying to overthrow me, a Head Boy sticking his big nose into my business, and Avery. The only girl I’d ever break the rules for. But she was my best friend. And teammate."

Fic Title: We Gryffies
Author: gryffindorseeker
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance
WIP?: Yes. ):

Why This Must Be Read: Oh, God. This fandom has produced some excellent nextgen fic, but this one really takes the cake for sheer funny. IDEK. Quirky James II? Romance? Quidditch? Yes, in those respects its much like most fics of the type. But what really steals the show with this fic is the rest of the characters- each chapter is filled with snarky banter that will crack your shit up. This fic always puts a grin on my face. Just read. :D

Summary: "I'm James Sirius Potter, Cap'n of the Gryffindor Quidditch team of 2021-2022. Known as the Gryffies, we kick ass on the pitch and get into plenty of trouble off it. Unfortunately, I've recently noticed that the Gryffies' lovable tomboy, Tegan Llewellyn, has some very excellent legs and an adorable sampling of freckles on her nose, which I find distracting..."


P.S. Mods can I request a Lily Evans/Sirius Black tag? ♥
Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: ginny weasley/harry potter, ship: lily evans/sirius black, ship: nymphadora tonks/remus lupin, ship: original character

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