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Challenge 48: Harry Potter - James Potter II/OFC

Fandom Category:
Harry potter
Pairing:  James II/OFC
Fic Title:  Coming Back a Swan
Author: Ginny_RED_Potter
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: Drama, Romance, Humour
WIP?:  yes; been on hiatus the past year but author just updated with a new chapter not sure when next chapter will be up; 17 chps

Why This Must Be Read: ok so im a total Harry Potter Next Gen junkie. anything that has to do with them in fanfiction i love. this story however i actually fell in love with because of the detail in the 17 chapters up so far. The story centers around Alexa Swan who HATES it at Hogwarts. weird i know? and would you geuss it her main taunter has up to 3rd year i non other than James Sirius Potter. Then everything changes... Its a really good coming of age story about Alexa and her best friends. And actually we are into the 17th chapter and there still isnt ONE TRACE of the Alexa/James romance... but it will come. The author really wants to make this all believeavle (which she has) and also have it a long story. it deals with drama, family school and the essence of beauty. Great read !

Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: original character

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