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Challenge 48: Harry Potter - Sirius/OFC

enjoy :D

Fandom Category: Harry potter
Pairing: Sirius/OFC
Fic Title: To Have and To Lose
Author: maurader_lady
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
WIP?: no; and has many sequels

Why This Must Be Read: well i have to admit within the first couple of chapters this story can seem kind of cheesy but this was the authors first story so after maybe the first 4 she really comes into her writing. I personally love Sirius/OFC stories so there will be a lot of them in here lol. The love in this story is extremely strong, all relationships are challenged and tried and its pretty friggen funny. Plus as an added bonus maurader_lady is big on sequels ;) and she has written many for this story and actually some AU sequels for it. so if you like a story that can be read in like 3 different ways AND its Sirius/OFC then this is for you

Fandom Category: Harry potter
Pairing:  Sirius/OFC
Fic Title:  Black hart (and yes Hart is spelt right for the story title :P)
Author: wolfechick31
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre:Romance, Drama, Humour
WIP?: yes; not on hiatus status but has not been updated since May 25th because of family & school issues with the author; 49 chp

Why This Must Be Read: See i told you there would be another Sirius/OFC in her ;) hahaha. But this story is on here for a different reason. While i loved my first rec because of its sweetness, this is here because of its literary greatness and originality. the story centres around Samantha Cromwell who is the crown princess of England... who is a witch. Just the beginning chapters are enough to show that this is a greatly thought our story. it isnt like she finds out she's a witch and just goes, there is real debate and backstory before she ends up at Hogwarts. Samantha's romance with Sirius is well developed and takes its time and it is INTENSE. i always feel like im watching real people when i read their interactions lol. The other Mauraders & Lily + Lily and Sam's friend Marlene McKinnon are fantasticly characterized and there are quite a few laughs. So go read enjoy and leave great encouraging reviews for the author so she will get the strength to update soon



Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: original character

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