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Shipper Manifesto: Sawyer/Kate (Lost)



Blurb: Ever since the show ended, I’ve had so many problems with Lost that sometimes it’s hard to remember why I ever even liked it. Fortunately, Sawyer/Kate, for the most part, is one of those reasons.

I mean, what can’t you say about it? It’s gorgeous. It’s raw. They hurt each other as much as they help, but they’re completely honest with each other. When it comes down to it, they support each other. They have some of the most gorgeous scenes from Lost, and even have their own theme – something no other pairing on the show can claim. It’s painful and angsty, fun and flirtatious, and not even the sidewaysverse can take that away, however much it tried.

Unfortunately, a couple of my favorites on this list have been left unfinished for a very long time. By no means, though, does that mean they aren’t worth reading.

1. In Hiding/On the Road by Leah Kate

This is the classic Sawyer/Kate story. You ask someone for a rec with this pairing, and this will probably be one of the first things that come up. There are forty chapters in the first story and forty in the second, and all are well worth it. It was started in 2005 and ended in 2007, so the accepted canon is from about Season 1 onwards. The premise is that after everyone is rescued from the island, Kate needs a place to hide from the law. So, she heads toward Sawyer’s place…  Rated T.

2. king of the jailhouse and the queen of the road by She’s a Star

This one just takes my breath away. It’s a short series of drabbles combined into an oneshot, each based on a moment in an episode from season 1-3. There’s something magical about the way she captures Kate and Sawyer with all their baggage and fears and doubts and hopes. Rated K+.

3. Man of His Word by BatmansBabe

Some Jack-bashing. Circa Season 2, Kate needs a gun to help Claire. I like how it shows the repercussions through other relationships as well. Rated K+.

4. In the Woods Trilogy by aboutbunnies

Aboutbunnies does a lot of great fic. This, though, is absolutely brilliant. I give it extra points for using the “I love you” and “I know” exchange from Star Wars and making me cry. Honest. Rated PG.

5. Snowfall on Main Street by lenina20

This fic is unlike Lenina20’s usual Skate fic in that they’re happy, for once. Sort of a Black Sheep Hit. It imagines Sawyer and Kate off the island, together, and going to a very magical place indeed. Rated PG-13.

6. Ditching The Bad Boy Persona by NeonHikari

Sadly, this is one of the unfinished ones. It’s rather uneven in places and hasn’t really found its balance. Doesn’t stop it from being fun, though. Rated T.

7. Unbelievable Perfected Lies by CriesofCapricorn

The lies you’re told and the dreams you believe and the things you can’t believe in rationality. And, of course, Skate. Oneshot. Rated T.

8. 100 Days by Kodama

I love this fic. It’s so much fun. It’s action/adventure/AU/Skate. Set in a dystopian London, Kate is a master thief known as the Black Rat. Sawyer is the leader of the Blades, a gang of ruthless mercenaries who oppress the people in the slums. They collide. 28 chapters. Rated T.

9. Of Mortal Coils and Faulty Angels Season 3 by hoorayforsawyer

Hoorayforsawyer takes some of the more fantastic elements of Lost and creates something completely unexpected and mindscrewy and Skate. The last bit of canon referred to is Season 2. Fittingly, there are 42 chapters; unfittingly, it’s unfinished and probably won't ever be. However, it’s still exceptionally well-written and worth the read. Rated T.

10. Gallant by Sachhh

As a relief from the long fics, I present a oneshot. Sawyer’s POV after he reaches the shore and sees that the freighter has exploded. Rated K+.

11. The Eleventh Hour by SombraAlma

Apocalypse comes, with Sawyer on the island and Kate off it. Oneshot. Rated T.

12. the future’s open wide by angeldylan628

Like I said, my issues with Lost are far too long for this manifesto. So it is a truly fantastic feat when an author makes me genuinely like a story set after the show ends and reconciles some of my issues with Lost at the same time. Oneshot. Rated PG-13.

13. From a Safe Distance by zelda_zee

Written during the hiatus between seasons 5 and 6, Kate and Sawyer meet up in the Cook Islands after the hydrogen bomb didn’t change anything. And there might be dead people walking around; I’m not entirely sure. Oneshot. Rated PG.

14. Christmas Crash by Timeloopy

AU. Blowing up a hydrogen bomb worked. Sawyer crashes into Jack on black ice in Iowa and it goes from there. Oneshot. Rated T.

15. Indigo Junction by javajive

This is practically an answer to Leah Kate’s stories. It plays withKate and Sawyer’s issues, explicating and extracting and deepening them. Javajive took all of Kate’s frustrating ambiguity and screwed-up-ness from previous seasons and makes it painfully clear just why she is the way she is. It’s a current WIP. 31 chapters. Rated M.
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