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Shipper Manifesto: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger, Harry Potter Fandom

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger

Blurb: I came across this pairing by a perverse curiosity, and found myself drowning in a feeling that turned into a mild-going-on-severe obsession. This relationship can easily be seen as illicit and even taboo in certain aspects, concerning age and perhaps the role that Severus had played in the earlier stages of Hermione’s educational life, but what I have found in fics and discussions, has been nothing but respect for two characters who share (or can share) something no other can offer. As I willingly sink deeper into this warm area of the fandom, I begin to realize how passionate Severus/Hermione supporters are; just how much they care for not just these two characters’ happiness, love and even delightfully naughty sexings, but they care about the understanding of them. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a fandom where the fans care so much about the rights and wrongs, and that’s what really kept me exploring.

I believe the attraction for me, lies in the how well suited they are for each other. While they hold several similarities, they also balance each other out by means of complimenting any missing traits. But the one thing that cements the logic behind my attraction to them, is, that they are what each other needs, to combat their brush with boredom. A highly intelligent being requires something of equal or more intelligence to continue to grow, else they remain static.

Hermione can not only match intellectual wits with Severus, but her nature can soften Severus’s rough edges. This does not mean to change, but it forms that balance I previously mentioned. Aside from one encounter where Severus ridiculed Hermione to tears concerning a physical aspect, his other notations have been that of her being an “insufferable know-it-all” which shows his acknowledgment of her intellectual prowess - one that could certainly rival his own. Ultimately, I believe they can learn a lot from each other and inherently, that is what they seek.

Two souls unafraid to seek solace or refuge or pleasure in knowledge.

Two bodies, connected by that love; where he is sitting on the couch, legs stretched out and loosely crossed at the ankles in front of him and a tome in hand.

She, lying on her back, head nestled by her wild tangles, resting in his lap, with an equally thick book in her hands.

Fingers idly playing with her hair. The only sound is that of a page turning and soft breaths coming out in calm tandem. And tea, cooling on the coffee table.

This pairing offers many categories, all encompassed between a softer romance to a harsher relationship and all of them can work, because the authors here seem to respect natural character development. Why change what we already love about them, about their relationship. Personally, I do love it when he’s a right git to her, and she eventually grows to see his darker humour, or to brush his comments off, or to even retaliate. So many different scenarios and ways-of-being are available to play with and to believe in.

It is quite obvious that this pairing exists solely outside canon’s strict grasp, and I actually find myself inclined to enjoy it more, because it opens up possibilities and risks that writers can toy with, and bestow upon hungry readers such as myself. To finish off, and with a dollop of sincerity, I can honestly say that the writers in this slice of the fandom boast some of the best written stories I have ever come across, and I believe that can be accounted for a equal part talent and genuine respect for the characters.

Fic Rec #1: Out of Depths
Author: laurielove
Link: Out of Depths @
Rating/Warning(s): M

Why This Must Be Read: Hermione returns to Hogwarts as a kinda-student, after the war. Unable to deny her growing feelings for Severus, and certain that the Potions teacher reciprocates, Hermione attempts to break down the walls that he has put up. The tension is so wonderfully built that I found myself breathless, leaning forward towards my screen with anticipation of things to come. And as much as I love snogging and sexings, I have to say I was most affected by laurielove’s ability to unleash butterflies in my tummy, by affecting the reader with a simple written look, or minute touch (Hermione’s finger sliding along Severus’ left me tingling). Their relationship moves from tentative to daring, with unbelievably believable scenarios, some even attempted mischievously in the classroom!

Fic Rec #2 A Murder of Crows
Author: Hogwarts_91
Link: A Murder of Crows @ Ashwinder
Rating/Warning(s): Lascivious

Why This Must Be Read: While Severus still lies in a coma following many years after the war, Hermione is employed at Hogwarts, teaching none other than Potions. When the former Potions teacher makes a miraculous recovery, Minerva decides to split not only their teaching duties, but also the living arrangements for both Hermione and the newly reinstated Severus. My first read-through of this piece had me holding my breath, gasping at times even, at the craftsmanship that Hogwarts_91 demonstrates with words and feelings. The scenario is wonderfully set-up and there was a simple honesty to the characters; a wonderful basic action/reaction was established, where nothing was forced and nature took its course. That allowed me, the reader, to feel like I was part of the unfolding tale and never once manipulated. Re-reading it a second, third, fourth time through, its just wonderful how these events just are so-well rounded, and leaves me in awe on the now-understood reactions. I believe a second read-through is definitely beneficial, because I found myself enjoying the aspects of a beautifully developed plot-line, on so many other angles.

Fic Rec #3: The Coward’s Kiss
Author: madamelecourayer
Link: The Coward’s Kiss @ Ashwinder
Rating/Warning(s): Wanton

Why This Must Be Read: The concept of this fic revolves around a quest for a kiss - one rightfully achieved by Hermione, who is on her last leg at Hogwarts. Right from the beginning, madamelecourayer’s portrayal of Severus is everything Slytherin that I have grown to love, creating a bastardly playful Potion’s Master that has somehow created a stronger attraction to this man. There is not much icing, especially at the beginning, but a warmth grows and I find myself being almost physically affected by some of the moments. A candle is lit and is extinguished. Then it is lit again, and another gust cancels out the glow. The balance between romance and possibilities, and angst and consequences is wonderfully balanced, making all aspects of this relationship comfortable. This is a WIP and I check back almost every day to see if it has been updated, but each time has definitely been worth the wait!

Fic Rec #4: Counting Buttons
Author: Warded_Portal
Link: Counting Buttons @ Ashwinder
Rating/Warning(s): Lascivious

Why This Must Be Read: When Hermione finds Severus’s frock-coat hanging on the back of his chair, with the owner not present, she indulges in her fantasy with said garment. After Severus catches her fondling his jacket (and several witty remarks are uttered), the tension escalates as their bodies grow closer and their true feelings are revealed. This is a light but quite steamy piece, with wonderful dialogue, especially from Severus’s behalf. I found myself not only grinning like an idiot at his snarky quips, but also quite affected during the naughtier parts too.

Fic Rec #5: The Love You Take
Author: Subversa
Link: The Love You Take @ Ashwinder
Rating/Warning(s): Wanton

Why This Must Be Read: I adore awkward situations and the means one needs to take to resolve them. Subversa delivers just that, with this beautiful and steamy gem. Hermione finds herself the victim of the Dark Lord’s curse and as a result is thrust into Severus’s care by Dumbledore, to spare any embarrassment that was intended for him. The beginning is deliciously wanton, with Hermione’s desire and Severus’s reluctance in direct confrontation. Throughout the fic, Severus’s inner-battle to ultimately do what is right is very well built up, that his release is almost the fic’s own climax. But it doesn’t stop there, and the plot is not only well outlined, but followed-through without character manipulation. Events happen and the characters just react naturally to the consequences.

Fic Rec #6: Parvus Obitus
Author: darnedchild
Link: Parvus Obitus @ Ashwinder
Rating/Warning(s): Lascivious

Why This Must Be Read: darnedchild delivers this tension-filled tale that left me near-breathless throughout. Forced to brew a potion for the Dark Lord, Severus must obtain a very…fragile ingredient. The author brings back a very notable speech delivered by the Potions Master himself, and turns it into a catalyst for Hermione’s release, but not before escalating into this arousing ping-pong’d dialogue. And that’s just the beginning! When the potion is put to the test by Voldemort on a surprising prisoner, Severus must risk his life and cover to save the day. However, the person rescued proves to be more of a problem than previously considered.

Fic Rec #7: The Harlot’s Potion
Author: yutamiyu
Link: The Harlot’s Potion @ Ashwinder
Rating/Warning(s): Wanton

Why This Must Be Read: Again, another naughty awkward situation makes its way on to my list. Yutamiyu serves up a wonderfully well-paced piece, filled with angst, tension, arousal and a pinch of mystery, for good measure. Though the fic is 27 chapters long, the whole story seemed to pass by in a breath, and I found myself gasping for more. Extremely well-balanced overall, with a continually moving series of actions and reactions.

Fic Rec #8: Heart Over Mind
Author: Regann
Link: Heart Over Mind @
Rating/Warning(s): T

Why This Must Be Read: A beautifully well-written tale in which Hermione, after finding herself immune to a lust potion perfectly brewed in class, discovers that her love for her (then unknown) soul mate proves to be so severe that it was capable of resisting a powerful concoction. Regann offers us fantastic dialogue and great characterization, bordering from angst and discoveries to the mere pleasure of watching Hermione grow with her new-found knowledge, as well as the reactions of a certain Potions Professor who seems to show more interest than just polite concern or professional curiosity.

Fic Rec #9: The Succubus
Author: Souther_Witch_69
Link: The Succubus @ The Petulant Poetess
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17

Why This Must Be Read: When Snape is visited by a Succubus, it takes on an unlikely and surprising form. We soon discover that Hermione has fallen victim to the same woes, where an Incubus tempts her nightly. Forced to sleep under the watchful eyes of their friends, the two eventually take matters into their own hands to combat the demons. There’s a brilliance to this piece, due to its well thought-out plot and wonderful pacing. At times, it was so steamy that I found my breath being held and my eyes unblinking as I gobbled up each word, action and feeling. Again, these two thrust into awkward situations seems to really spark my fancy.

Fic Rec #10: The Enchanted Tower Room
Author: beaweasley2
Link: The Enchanted Tower Room @ The Petulant Poetess
Rating/Warning(s): M

Why This Must Be Read: What I loved about this piece was how easily beaweasley2 moulded the past and present so seamlessly. Hopscotching back and forth is very difficult but the author managed to allow us to see how this particular room had shaped Severus’s life and actions, as well as allow us understanding as to why he kept returning. Hermione’s integration offers us a new spin on Severus’s past and his growing future. This concept could easily fall victim to the mundane, however beaweasley2 offers us the same recipe but with a completely new and bold taste, thanks to her fantastic characterization. Hermione is not Lily and her actions and reactions offers a different feeling all together.

Dedication: Thank you to the wonderful borg_princess who has supplied me with constant ideas, discussions and fic lists to temporarily satiate my growing hunger for these two. Thank you so much for being someone who I can openly discuss my awkward obsession with, and just for being you. ♥
Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: hermione granger/severus snape, special: manifesto

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