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Shipper Manifesto: Sarek/Amanda Grayson, Star Trek

Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Sarek/Amanda

Why I love this pairing to teeny tiny pieces:  Sarek and Amanda, for the unitiated, are the parents of Spock. Amanda is a teacher, and Sarek is the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth.  As recurring characters in both TOS, TAS, TNG, AOS, and a number of the movies, they have just enough backstory to create fertile ground for further offscreen adventures. I adore them because they have a mature relationship that has obviously survived a lot of rough patches. They are both stubborn and passionate and often disagree on things (mostly involving Spock), but remain committed to each other. Their differences in personality and high-profile relationship make them perfect for everything from serious plotty fic to domestic fluff and comedic stories based on the inevitable culture clashes that will come from pairing a human and a Vulcan.

These two are somewhat of a rarepair, but they do have a comm over at sarekamanda or their tag over at AO3. The drabblefests over at where_no_woman also occasionally play host to Amanda/Sarek fic. I should also mention that these are mostly AOS recs, but there is a huge wealth of TOS fic about them--unfortunately, a lot of it was lost when geocities died :( 

Fic Rec #1: Logic Demands You Take off that Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed
Why This Must Be Read: A delightfully light, heartwarming story of how Sarek and Amanda first met during a mandatory Starfleet teamwork building activity. The humor here is subtle, quick, and not to be missed. Also features embarrassed and confused!Sarek, which, come on--how can you not like that?

Fic Rec #2 The Ambasador's Wife
Author: waldorph 
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Why This Must Be Read: How can I find the words to express how much I adore this fic? Epic devotion might be a good start. Another ‘how they met’ story, this one follows Amanda as she navigates her way through the cultural pitfalls of being romantically attached to a high-ranking Vulcan. Much of the "helpful" advice Amanda gets comes from her best friend Margaret Kapoor, who is probably the funniest OFC I’ve ever met. And did I mention that this story contains contains wicked hot sex? Because it does.

Fic Rec #3: The House of Amanda
Author: screamlet 
Rating/Warning(s): G
Why This Must Be Read: This story is epic. Epic in length, epic in hilarity, epic in moments of tender squishy adorableness. It's a story of all of Amanda's relationships--with Sarek, Sybok (Sarek's son from his first marriage), Spock, and the planet Vulcan--for better or worse.

Fic Rec #4: Outlier
Author: anodyna
Rating/Warning(s): R
Why This Must Be Read: Oh, this fic breaks me into pieces. An intense yet delicate domestic story that explores, from Amanda's POV, Sarek's struggle between between being a proper Vulcan and giving into this woman who he's crazy in love with.

Fic Rec #5: Do you suspect you might be romantically and/or sexually compatible with me? Check negative or affirmative.
Author: silvr_dagger 
Rating/Warning(s): G
Why This Must Be Read: This was a kink meme fill for the premise that it's very logical for Vulcans to begin relationships with the, "Do you like me, check yes or no" letters. Watching Amanda as she writes srs business Vulcan correspondence with pink glitter hearts is 100% pure delight.

Fic Rec #6: Heart Has Reason
Author: the_arc5 
Why This Must Be Read: Amanda and Sarek verbally spar their way into a relationship. I love the tone and writing style of this fic--the truncated, abbreviated sections do a wonderful job at capturing Sarek's thought processes as he figures out the meaning of love, and the ending will make you cry.

Fic Rec #7: Language Like Rain
Author: raphaela667 
Rating/Warning(s): G
Why This Must Be Read: A commentfic about language and grief and love and loss, which is utterly heartbreaking in a very tiny bit of space.

Fic Rec #8: A Marriage of True Minds
Author: beatrice_otter 
Rating/Warning(s): G
Why This Must Be Read: This story has some truly incredible world building, diving right into to the nuts and bolts of the work Sarek and Amanda do on Vulcan, their relationships with each other, and with wee!Spock. (note: technically this fic is TOS, but you don't need to have seen TOS to understand it.)

Fic Rec #9: d'Vel'nar
Author: medie 
Rating/Warning(s): G
Why This Must Be Read: Sweet domestic fluff--becoming the Lady of the House of Surak means that Amanda's life changes in a million tiny ways. I love the way Amanda's brain works in this story--she's clearly sharp as a knife, and the author does a great job showing it.

Fic Rec #10: Fever
Author: penknife 
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Why This Must Be Read: I'll end with teh pron. 'Fever' is a searingly hot look at Amanda's first experience of pon farr with Sarek. Just a snapshot, but one that will leave you breathless afterward.

Tags: fandom: star trek (reboot), fandom: star trek (tos), ship: amanda grayson/sarek, special: manifesto

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