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Draco/Ginny Rec: A Tale of Two Matchmakers

Fandom Category:Harry Potter
Fic Title: A Tale of Two Matchmakers
Rating/Warning(s): 6th-7th years on Mugglenet, het romance, intense snog sessions, some foul language
Genre:Romance, AU, humor, fluff, some angst
WIP?: nope its complete !

Why This Must Be Read: gosh where do i start... alright just to buff up this rec this was the first fic i ever read of this ship and i fell in love with it by the second chapter. It takes place in Draco's 6th year and Ginny's 5th. It disregards Draco's mission in HP6 and he is going to Hogwarts as a normal student. His best friend is Blaise Zambini... but with a twist. In this story this author Kerichi chose to have Blaise as a female which I had NEVER thought of but it is just amazing in this story. Blaise's character is great. She starts off as a tomboy then goes to prove to the school population that she is indeed a girl. With Ginny, she is kind of over her crush on Harry and just trying to find Mr. Right. The chemistry that Kerichi makes between Draco and Ginny is just great. Its hot and steamy while being cute and fluffy at the same time. The character of Luna is also a big one in the story as she is Ginny's best friend and she also has a romance that is an OC that is just so believeable to be attracted to Luna but he isnt some "weirdo".  Also look out for the great use of the character of Terry Boot who was minimally mentioned in the books as an above characters love interest. Plus as an added bonus this story is honest to God HILARIOUS i dont even remeber how many times i laughed out loud while ive read this story and i have read it from beginning to end 3 times ! Best parts of the story that you can look forward to: sneaking around Hogwarts to snog, Three Muskateers, Trips to Spain, intense family revelations, A Dark Night, A Gorilla Man, A Devilish Pirate and lots n lots of love

Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: ginny weasley/draco malfoy

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