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Star Wars, trilogy, Luke/Mara, Han/Leia.

Fandom Category: Star Wars
Pairing: Luke/Mara, Han/Leia
Fic Titles: Into the Storm, In Shadows and Darkness, At the Brink of the Dawn and the Darkness
Author: blank101
Link: Into The Storm, In Shadows And Darkness and At The Brink Of The Dawn And The Darkness
Rating/Warning(s): Psychological and physical torture, significantly more in the third fic, character death, violence.
Genre: Epic action, drama and romance.
WIP?: Nope (YAY)

Why This Must Be Read: AU set at the end of The Empire Strikes Back where Luke and his companions are caught and taken to Coruscant. This trilogy of fiction is epic. The characters are incredibly well drawn. Mara is written so strongly and her (and Luke) learning to balance between the dark and light side of the Force is portrayed with just the amount of effort needed. The roles the characters, both good and 'evil' and in the gray space in-between, play are amazingly intricate and well written. The use of the characters, how everything draws to a close is amazingly well done.
Tags: fandom: star wars, ship: leia organa/han solo, ship: mara skywalker/luke skywalker
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