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The Other Side of Pride and Prejudice by Leareth

Fandom Category: Pride and Prejudice
Pairing: Elizabeth Bennet / Fitzwilliam Darcy
Fic Title: The Other Side of Pride and Prejudice
Author: Leareth
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13 maybe? I'm not quite sure, but there's nothing explicit here. Also, this is a LONG fic.
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: Basically, What You See Is What You Get, meaning we get to see the Pride and Prejudice story through the point of view of Mr. Darcy. The author makes a great job at imitating the style of the original novel, while filling the gaps on Mr. Darcy's background and feelings as they evolve. The fic relies heavily on the BBC series as well as the novel,  but I think it remains quite accessible to those who had read only the novel or seen the latest movie adaptation.

For me, this remains one of the greatest Pride and Prejudice fics I've ever read: the fluff factor, the attention to detail, the careful description of the characters and the obvious commitment of the author to adapt the whole story makes it a 100% must read. :)
Tags: fandom: pride and prejudice, ship: elizabeth bennet/fitzwilliam darcy

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