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SHIPPER MANIFESTO: Caitlin Todd / Jethro Gibbs (NCIS)




                         This video,created by ncisMelanie, can express their relationship without words

Caitlin Todd and Jethro Gibbs had a funny beginning in there relationship as Kate refused to let Gibbs be her superior.In that time she was a Secret Service Special Agent, she was hand picked to protect the President. She refused to be bossed around by Gibbs, when he tryed to take the lead on the murder investigation on Air Force 1. After she resined from CSI, Gibbs made a fast move and hired Kate.

Some people view there relationship as Father/Daughter ,but most the the viewers view it as romantic or sexual , considering of the fact they saw each other like a man and woman first,and after that like superior/ subordinate,and considering the an-explicit flirting:the looks exchanges, a smile, a little touch,the complicity,nothing is so clear or evident and,because of that, it's more interesting and more deeper.The ones who see Gibbs and Kate like a couple are the ones who realize attraction doesn't ask to see your ID.

A friend of mine said one of the best descriptions about that ship: "I'm a sucker for May/December romance, as well as superior/subordinate. And the UST between Gibbs and Kate was obvious from the first episode. But there's no way I could enjoy this 'ship as much as I do if Kate wasn't a strong female lead. That's what Gibbs needs- a woman who won't back down from a fight, woman, who has a brain AND a body but also won't try to brain him with a baseball bat and/or a nine-iron (as ex-wives numbers two and three attempted)."

Reason number one I ship these characters:

The staring. There have been hundreds of intense looks between Gibbs and Kate. That's what the creator of the show Donald P. Bellisario did with the main couple on his other show JAG Harm and Mac for years - lots of stares. Personally, I can't imagine working for or with Gibbs and not having a huge crush on him, so it would be natural if Kate would.

Based on their interaction in "Yankee White", I don't think Gibbs feelings toward Kate were anything close to fatherly. After all, she's definitely a strong-willed woman,something I imagine all his women have been.I think Kate and Gibbs saw something in each other when they first met on Air Force One.After he hired her, her admiration for him grew. It's clear she tried to impress him with her investigative skills .I can easily believe that Kate feels an attraction to Gibbs (like who wouldn't?) He may feel something, too, but I think he'd be better at hiding - or ignoring - it. She would try to hide it, but find herself staring, or sketching, or something. How Gibbs would handle Kate's attraction - I think probably the same way Grissom in CSI handle's Sara's fancy for him - trying to pretend its not there, and that he doesnt feel the same due to some silly belief that the work is more important. Before Kate died, I saw a lot of subtext with her and Gibbs. I could see a women like Kate catching Gibbs and keeping him. And Kate can learn from him through not only the job, but life.They make each other 'whole' in some way.I think that Gibbs after three divorces would know when to compromise and his personality is more similar to Kate's than any other man's character and Gibbs and Kate are more serious although they both have a softer side.

In S1 and especially 1.01 "YW" when she wasn’t his agent, Gibbs was definitely flirting. There was something between them since they first met on Air Force One, a spark that even Donald P. Bellisario tried to diffuse (using the mysterious redhead- after 1.01"Yankee White" ,he said,that he loved the tension between Gibbs and Kate, but he didn't want Unresolved Sexual Tension on this show, that's why he tried to diffuse the spark between them - he added the mysterious red head to prevent the tension between Kate and Gibbs). Kate is perfect for Gibbs because she breaks the mold. I think that she's fascinated by him and I think that he's equally fascinated by her. Who else could call Gibbs a 'gloomy Gus' and get away with it? Who could spill his coffee and still get what she wants?
This ship had the potential to be perfect, but it didn't happen. I think neither of them wanted to give into their hearts.Both Kate and Gibbs were understandably wary of coworker relationships Gibbs had his problems with Jen/his partner and ex-lover,who sent him a ' Dear John" letter/; Kate had her thing with Major Kerry/her college and lover,who was the reason to resign from CSI,because she broke the rules by dating a co-worker/. Neither was about to make a move, especially within only two years of knowing one another.

I beleve that Gibbs liked Kate a lot- remember his amused tolerance of her faults and ingorance of all things naval,that feeling that no matter what,he was always make shure she was OK , that sence that he is torn between professional respect and a chivalrous,old fashioned need to take care of her as well as the occasional urge to throttle her.Maybe he had feelings for her,but can't/won't recognize them because she is so different from his usual kind of woman.Without Kate in the picture,i fear we will never again see that side of Gibbs that her character brought out.

Fic Rec #1: Come Hither
Author:Mindy Harmon
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3202217/1/Come_Hither

Why This Must Be Read:ligh and funny and can be seen not like strictly ship related.Spoilers: ‘The Good Wives Club’, “Caught on Tape’, ‘Untouchable’.Summary: Inspired by a scene at the beginning of ‘Untouchable’. Just suppose Kate had witnessed Gibbs’ trick with the escapist cat…

Fic Rec #2 When I’m Gone
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2135324/1/

Why This Must Be Read:Because I love the way she portrayal of Kate and Gibbs and the way their relationship grows, as well as their relationship with an orphan child.The plot is interesting and intriguing.

Fic Rec #3: Missing Scenes, "Yankee White" and "Hung Out to Dry"
Link: http://ncisfanfictionarchive.yuku.com/topic/553
Rating/Warning(s):K+, T max

Why This Must Be Read:Because Sammie is the best-and I 'm not exaggerate-authour,who deal in the best way with these little moments between the ep. we don't see,but we guess they happen.Her writing style is consecutive and evryone are 'in character.

Fic Rec #4: Dive Bars on Saturday Night
Link: www.fanfiction.net/s/2015824/1/Dive_Bars_on_Saturday_Night 

Why This Must Be Read:The fic is perfectly written-Kate and Tony and Abby ill-advisedly go drinking.You have to read it yourself for the rest.

Fic Rec #5: Questions
Link : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1890491/1/Questions

Why This Must Be Read:I like the way this show makes us think-there are too many things, which are unsaid-this fic is the perfect ending of the season final 'Reveille'

Fic Rec #6: Without Fail
Author:B. Cavis
Link:  http://www.heroineaddict.net/fanfiction/ncis/general/bcavis/oneshots/wf.html

Why This Must Be Read:Gibbs personallity through one of his ex-wives POV.I will say only that B_Cavis is one of my favorite authours-she write mature and very good angst.

Fic Rec #7: Only the Good Die Young
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4361912/1/Only_the_Good_Die_Young

Why This Must Be Read:"He called Ziva Kate yesterday."-Ziva's thoughts on the times Kate is mentioned (post-"Kill Ari")

Fic Rec #8: An Observation of the Interrogation Room
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2641314/1/An_Observation_of_the_Interrogation_Room

Why This Must Be Read: Funny team's POV on Kate and Gibbs relationship-Kate dared Gibbs to let her profile him.Gibbs only agreed to it if he gets to profile Kate in return

Fic Rec #9: Kate's bête noire
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3091980/1/Kates_b_te_noire

Why This Must Be Read: Well,it was written for my birthday years ago..:) The story title speaks itself-I will say that mathhhh is one of the best Kate/Gibbs authors.

Fic Rec #10: Strawberry Wine /Series/
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2849138/1/Observation

Why This Must Be Read: I loved the details, descriptions and emotional state of Kate.Nikkinor did an excellent job of catpuring the characters and the emotions of the day./set after "Reveille"/

Fic Rec #11: Tearless Grief
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3539811/1/Tearless_Grief


Why This Must Be Read: Incredible sad and beautiful POV on Gibbs grieve about Kate

Fic Rec #12: Drinking Games
Author:Navy Babe
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2908275/1/Drinking_Games


Why This Must Be Read: Because Kate is a hilerious drunk.

Fic Rec #13: Ain't Nothing But a Family Thing
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3195965/1/Aint_Nothing_But_a_Family_Thing


Why This Must Be Read: Because it explain perfectly the stubborn side of Kate,which I like...and how Gibbs deal with it.

b>Fic Rec #14: Blue Skies:After Tonight/Series/
Author:Kimberley Jackson
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3437278/1/Blue_Skies


Why This Must Be Read:love the way Kimberley build the tension between Kate and that so sexy Gibbs, exploding in a sexy and sweet union. I also like that she have them questioning themselves and each other as to whether this is a horrendous mistake or the best thing to ever happen to them.

Fic Rec #15: How Things Are
Why This Must Be Read:Because shows the romantic side of Gibbs we rarely see.

Fic Rec #16: One Man's Poison
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3180347/1/One_Mans_Poison
Why This Must Be Read:because,in case you didn't notice,this is the 3rd sammie fic I recommend-what can I say-she is my favorite author.I was really impressed by the plot she created, and how she used an episode /"Marine Down"/ as back story.

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