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Sailor Moon, Recs for Senshi/Generals

So there are a grand total of no Sailor Moon rec's in this community. Which is depressing in and of itself. So I present you with three Sailor Moon Rec's - all Senshi/Shitennou (or Senshi/Generals, Scouts/Generals if you prefer) - meaning Makoto(Lita)/Nephrite; Minako(Mina)/Kunzite; Ami(Amy)/Zoicite; Rei(Raye)/Jadeite. Hopefully this inspires somebody else to post more.

Fandom Category:
Sailor Moon
Pairing: Usagi/Mamoru; Makoto/Nephrite; Minako/Kunzite; Ami/Zoicite; Rei/Jadeite
Fic Title: Six Degress
Author: crystal_rose2
Link: At
Rating/Warning(s): R: Non-graphic sex; AU - no senshi; English names; 
Genre: Drama/Romance
WIP?: Y -Chapter 7, not updated regularly

Summary: Serena just became Darien Shield's (family friend) secretary. Her roommate, Amara, got a job at the same company; but never bothered to tell Serena she's in love with her. Lita is cheating on her dying husband with Nathan. Mina is trying to break through into acting, and avoid prostitution while she's at it. Irene's bored of being a housewife. Ami's trying to keep her career going even if she's a loner. Raye's causing trouble at her school. We're all separated by six degrees of separation.

Why This Must Be Read: Brilliant, insightful and enchanting. It will take you through the full range of emotions and the detail in connecting everyone is spectacular. Each seem to be in a hearbreaking situation with their signifcant other with seemingly impossible obstacles - a significant other, the workplace, etc. 


Pairing: Makoto/Nephrite; Ami/Zoicite; Rei/Jadeite; Minako;Kunzite; Usagi/Mamoru 
Title: Lock and Key
Author: Micatite
Link: Here@
Rating/Warnings: PG13 - mentions of sex, minor violence
Genre: Romance/humor 
WIP? Yes, 22 chapters to date, not updated regularly.

Summary: Mina ropes Makoto and Rei into coming to her sorority's Valentines Day party...where they each get handcuffed to a guy they don't know. Some police officer seems to have it in for Mina, and Ami's trying to make peace with the other lab technician. 

Why This Must Be Read: Hilarity for one. Sweet and charming with the ability to make you laugh. Some sensible drama in there too. I think I've reread it at least four times.  

Pairing: Makoto/Nephrite; Ami/Zoicite; Rei/Jadeite; Minako;Kunzite; Usagi/Mamoru
Title: The Ties That Bind
Author: Firefly-Shy
Link: Here@
Rating/Warnings: PG - PG13; nothing extreme; minor language
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor
WIP? Complete.

Summary: Soul mates are tied together by the red strings of fate and destiny. So when four young men stumble into the lives of the Senshi, it might be more than co-incidence. There's the two men who showed up at the shrine, the young man from Ami's dorm, and their immigration officer. The fact that someone's kidnapping the avatars of the Gods...well that's a side matter.

Why This Must Be Read: It's funny and it has a plot. An actual Senshi-relevant plot. That doesn't suck. Not an easy thing to find some days. Very cute, it has a great combination of fluff and serious moments. 

Tags: fandom: sailor moon, ship: aino minako/kunzite, ship: hino rei/jadeite, ship: kino makoto/nephrite, ship: mizuno ami/zoicite, ship: tsukino usagi/chiba mamoru

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