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Shipper Manifesto: Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger

My first Harry Potter exposure was Prisoner of Azkaban, the movie. The scene that made me a shipper was the hug. The handhold was cute and the other parts with them fighting were adorable (Oh the angst!) But she hugged Ron and cuddled to him when she wanted to feel close to someone. Then, my other love from Harry Potter became apparent: The Trio. (With Ron/Hermione and Harry being friends to the end) So I rented the other movies and decided to read the books too. I was not disappointed. The love these two share is even more apparent in the books. My favorite parts are the ones where they are completely intimate with one another while not even realizing it. With Harry there to witness it all, it makes it even more special.
My favorite from the books is Ron destroying the locket and Harry’s comforting words “After you left she cried for a week”. I absolutely love the fact that Harry was able to see what Ron’s fears were and totally set him at ease, “I love her like a sister.” I hope the movies don’t change anything, especially Hermione’s reaction to his return because it was a normal reaction for her. A hug and a kiss would not have been Ron and Hermione. That’s some other couple. She would absolutely have been angry and tried to hex him. And Ron would take his punishment and be thankful that he’s back with them. Of course had she known the full extent of what he’d just gone through she might have hugged and kissed him then. But then we’d miss the moment of the actual first kiss in the books and Harry’s line “Is this the moment?” “oi, there’s a war going on here!” HA!
Ron is Hermione’s opposite in many ways, but he is also her equal in his loyalty, passion, and stubbornness. They are equal in the lengths they will go to for Harry and their family. So different yet so alike, it’s why I love shipping R/Hr.

Fic Rec #1: Love?
Author: NatyGry
Rating/Warning(s): PG/None

Why This Must Be Read: Summary, Author’s words: The war is over, but the Wizarding world and the Weasley family are thoroughly shaken in its wake.
Harry is looking for signs that things will be good again wherever he can.
Then Ron, suddenly, does something that shifts things and transforms the way they will be from now on.
My Words: There are stories where Ron’s ears blush, this is not one of them. It is a post DH story and is told brilliantly from Harry’s POV. Ron is more mature and able to give a bit of hope to those around them. It’s a really great read and my favorite of all the immediately post war fics.
Reviewer’s words: What a charming and fine story! I particularly love the little details you spread throughout it, culminating in Ron standing there, looking down at Hermione, without blushing. So much has been made of Ron's blushing ears, it's nice to see a story that can imagine a Ron growing out of that kind of visible self-consciousness. Great job! Michael Ho

Fic Rec #2 Moment
Rating/Warning(s):G/written pre DH and now AU
Why This Must Be Read: In the Author’s words: The talk Ron and Hermione have been needing to have for years doesn't go at all the way an eavesdropping Harry thinks it should.

My words: It was written pre DH, so it’s now AU, but at the time it was written it could have been canon. It’s written in such a lovely, unique way that it’s one of my favorite fanfics from any fandom. I really love the author’s style and the story itself is wonderful.
Reviewer’s words: This is an EXCELLENT piece of writing and great characterisation! One of the best R/Hr fics I've had the pleasure to read! It's nice to have an intelligent R/Hr story with all the sweetness and romance, without the smut. Hope you continue writing more stories! Pegasus25

Fic Rec #3: Twelve Fail-Safe Ways
Rating/Warning(s):R/Missing Moments fic, Multi Chapter, Post DH

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s words: Ron called the book he passed on to Harry "solid gold". Through a series of missing DH moments, you'll see why.
My Words: A missing moment multi chapter fic, completely in canon. Ron gets the book in DH and this is the story of the chapters and how they helped him on the road to finally getting the right girl. Awesome doesn’t quite cover it with this one.
Reviewer’s words: Absolutely fantastic imagination without deviating from canon and Ron / Hermione characters! Will completely satisfy any R/Hr shipper! -smileyhappy

Fic Rec #4: Sepia
Rating/Warning(s): R

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s Words: Written for the Ron/Hermione Colorful Winter Quote!Fic Challenge.

"You cannot make yourself feel something you do not feel, but you can make yourself do right in spite of your feelings." -- Pearl S. Buck (color: sepia)

There was a picture of Harry, Ron and herself on page four of The Daily Prophet. It had been only a few years since Harry defeated Voldemort, and the photograph seemed prematurely faded.

It had the distinctive colour of memories.
My Words: This is the best Harry Potter fanfic out there. Hands down, it shouldn’t even be considered fanfic because it’s so much more than just a fanfic. It’s a wonderful tribute to Ron and Hermione and the Trio told through Hermione’s eyes, her memoirs. I cannot say enough about it, there are no words really to describe it. Just read it, then come back here and tell me how much you enjoyed. And you are most welcome. 
Reviewer’s words: Exceptional. Truly. One of the most well written, phenomenally characterized and brilliant pieces I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Their friendship was unbreakable and wonderful, and this was a stunning tribute to it. -browneyedgirl

Fic Rec #5: Christmas Surprises
Author: Chickadee
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s words: It's Christmas at The Burrow, and Hermione is about to surprise Ron with a very special gift.
My Words: A wonderful, could be canon, story of Ron and Hermione the married years. A wonderful Christmas surprise told exactly how you’d picture the moment. Don’t want to give away the surprise, but there is a fanart that goes along with this and I can’t find the link for it.
Reviewer’s words: Every so often, I read a story that fits in so perfectly with what I would think of as "During the 19", after the end of the book and before the epilogue in Deathly Hallows- this has made that list! It was beautifully written- Bravo! -violetweasley

Fic Rec #6: Summer Holidays
Author: penknife
Rating/Warning(s): PG/Post DH

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s words: After saving the world, it's time to figure out what to do next.
My Words: It satisfies the curiosity of what happens after the war is over. How do they go on? What’s next? Hermione’s perspective on things and how she ends up back at Hogwarts.

Reviewer’s words: Oh my god, this is gorgeous, so quietly moving and hopeful and true to the characters. JKR should have hired you to write the epilogue, because this is the sort of wrap-up I wanted. Thank you. ♥ -secretsolitaire

Fic Rec #7: After the Battle

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s Words: After the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron isn’t quite sure what he should be feeling about a lot of things, especially Hermione.
My words: I will just copy and paste my review from after I read it. It says it all really- I'm in tears here! LOL (of course keep in mind I'm 6 months pregnant and the hormones are taking over) But this is a very lovely, thoughtful fic and I think it's one of the best post war fics I've read. I love that Ron is so torn and Hermione is also. It's exactly how I thought they would be and I've been waiting to read this story since DH came out. Thanks for a great read!
Reviewer’s Words: Aw! This is cute. I really like the awkwardness. It's totally how I think they would have been around each other after their epic kiss. Well done! -franlock

Fic Rec #8: Oblivious
Author: writergirlie
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s Words: Ron has a hard time noticing what's glaringly obvious, setting up frustration for poor Hermione.
My Words: Missing HBP Moment, so fun and I can totally see this happening in the book.
Reviewer’s Words: Hehe, this was so cute! I loved Ron's thinking process.... 'It smells like Potions'. Of course it does!
It was lovely, I couldn't stop smiling. Perfectly canon-cute. -otterandterrier

Fic Rec #9: An Interlude Before War
Rating/Warning(s): PG13/DH missing moment

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s Words: Their silence is filled with the sounds of their breathing catching in each other's, the rhythms matching and then falling apart. "I'm going to destroy the cup."
My Words: It’s a DH missing moments fic, it’s what happened in the Chamber of Secrets. There are a lot of these fics written, but this one in my opinion is the one that fits most of what I feel would happen. Very excellently done.
Reviewer’s words: I've read something like seven fics about this very scene, and yours easily trumps them all. Excellent, beautiful story! I loved both of these characters - you absolutely got them right. -hpchickadee

Fic Rec #10: After Breakfast

Why This Must Be Read: Author’s Words: The wedding breakfast is over. Best Man Harry Potter gets nervously to his feet and looks at the assembled Weasleys and Grangers, and their friends and relatives. Now, it is time for the speeches.

My Words: A good, fluffy fic. Ron and Hermione’s wedding reception and yes, Harry’s speech made me cry. It drew me in and made me feel as if I was there.
Reviewer’s Words: I really enjoyed this! All the principal characters are nicely drawn, and Harry's speech is very realistic as is (especially) Hermione's reaction to it. Thank you for a fun read.-exartemarte
Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: hermione granger/ronald weasley, special: manifesto

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  • Star Trek, 2 recs, Amanda/Sarek

    Honestly, my only real familiarity with Star Trek is through the reboot movies—which means I fell in love with Amanda Grayson purely through…

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