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And a Cup of Crazy (Skip Beat!), by boonies (PG)

Fandom Category: Skip Beat!
Pairing: Kyoko Mogami/Sho Fuwa
Fic Title: And a Cup of Crazy
Author: boonies
Rating/Warning(s): PG; SPOILERS through chapter 143
Genre: Humour, Unrequited
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:

Kyoko and Sho were childhood friends, and he was her entire world. They ran away to Tokyo together so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a rock star. His dream achieved, Sho tossed Kyoko aside. She was, he said, a plain and boring girl, and she was nothing more to him than a maid.

Kyoko swore to get revenge by joining showbiz and becoming a bigger star than Sho.

The Beagle is Reino, one of Sho's rivals. Ren is Kyoko's canon OTP, and another one of Sho's rivals.


Kyoko/Sho is my guilty pleasure pairing in the Skip Beat! fandom. Kyoko deserves so much better than the man who discarded her without remorse, but. . . there's something I find deeply appealing about their interactions. There's so much history between them, and they understand one another better than either of them is comfortable with.

In this story, Sho remains firmly in denial about how important Kyoko is to him--while very obviously caring about his place in her heart. This is always tricky with Skip Beat! fic, but boonies captures the feel of the manga: Kyoko's wild emotional ups and downs, and Sho's arrogance and childishness.

He still totally didn't care about Kyouko and chocolate, of course. He was just... hungry.

Yeah. Starving, actually.

Out of habit, he started heading home, only to remember Kyouko didn't live there anymore.

Something tiny but relentlessly painful tugged at his chest.
Tags: fandom: skip beat!, ship: mogami kyoko/fuwa sho

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