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In Which Nothing Smells Like Fudge (Warehouse 13), by ijemanja (NC17)

Fandom Category: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Myka Bering/Pete Lattimer
Fic Title: In Which Nothing Smells Like Fudge
Author: ijemanja
Rating/Warning(s): NC17; no spoilers
Genre: Porn, Humour
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:

I'm really fond of funny, goofy, or awkward sex in fanfic. This fic scores all sorts of points on the funny and goofy front, while still being a porny good time. There's not much plot to this fic. Myka and Pete bicker, and make out, and bicker some more. And ijemanja nails their voices.

If Pete and Myka were ever to get porny in canon, it would definitely sound something like this:

He wondered. Not like he wasn't going to wonder, under the circumstances. But he quickly reached the conclusion that this was really and truly the real Myka Bering when she stopped kissing him in order to flip out.

"Okay, so," she said, staring at him breathless and wide eyed, "so this isn't really happening, right? I mean, right?"

Her lips were all swollen. One of her hands was in his hair, the other was bunched in his shirt.

"Yeeeaaaahno," he decided, catching the look in her eyes. Wild and scary. A little like her hair was right now, a fact he was dying to point out to her, and would have if he wasn't so busy getting it even messier what with all the making out and everything. "No. 'Cause that'd be weird," he added.

"Right," she laughed, "thank you. Really weird. I'm so glad we're on the same page."

"Nope, we are definitely not making out right now," he agreed. Except her tongue was back in his mouth so it came out "Ockeeairehehehockowighow."
Tags: fandom: warehouse 13, ship: myka bering/pete lattimer

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