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Conflicts of Interest, by lanna_kitty (nc-17)

Fandom Category: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, and a cast of thousands. ;)
Fic Title: Conflicts of Interest
Author: lanna_kitty
Link: http://sgabigbang.talkoncorners.net/?view=fic&id=56
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, sex and violence
Genre: AU, Drama
WIP?: No, though it's 70K+!

Why This Must Be Read: Loooong fic written for sgabigbang. Awesome, in-character, supernatural AU dealing with steampunk AU. It's one thing to write a totally new universe where you have to make up rules and species and define new terminology, and yet quite another to breath such life into the world. Lanna_Kitty does an awesome job of creating a whole new world where "the world is an alternate history version of our own world with a few radical changes. The first is that magic is real and works. The second is the presence of supernatural races that live, work, love and fight with normal humans. Most notable of these are the Werewolves and the Vampires. The third is that it is a steampunk setting - The technology of this world is at once far ahead of modern technology as we know it and yet far behind. There are airships and huge steam-powered mechs, lots of steel and brass and, of course, goggles. These three factors have changed history as we know it."

All of this should not mesh with SGA, but dude, like I always say, Sheppard/Weir fandom kicks ass at AUs and does it better than anyone else. Loved that she had that same sense of adventure/exploration in it that we're familiar with in the show, and how everybody was in character despite being in different roles. It should not work, but it totally does because Lanna never goes bad with characterization. Even with Teyla and Ronon as werewolves, or Elizabeth as a vampire, etc. This story has everyone from Sumner to Sam to Jeannie Miller to Laura Cadman. Practically everyone.

Plus, there's some steamy romantic scenes with John and Elizabeth that will reduce your brain to liquid! Read! Go! It will amaze you!

John felt the weight of the day by the time they reached his rooms. He staggered inside and sank into a chair. He tugged off his boots and found he didn't have any additional energy. He pulled back the leg of his pants and examined the wound from earlier in the day. A line of pink skin ran up his calf. Likely Jennifer and Carson had used his own energy to help them work their healing spell, which was why he was so weary.

"Need anything?" Elizabeth asked from just inside the doorway.

"A hand in the shower?" John asked.

"When I agreed to help put you to bed I meant to sleep," she informed him with affected loftiness.

John grinned. "Yes Ma'am." A bone cracking yawn escaped, ruining his rakish smile. "I think I might need a hand with this shirt. Maybe the pants." The first statement was serious, the second less so.

Elizabeth sighed and followed him into his room, letting the door slide shut with a small click. She began to help him out of the shirt. "What am I to do with you?"

"I can think of a number of things," John tried to leer but was thwarted once again by a yawn. "Maybe tomorrow, though," he pouted, finally giving in to exhaustion.

Elizabeth helped him out of his clothes then sat on his bathroom counter and patiently answered his questions about her day while he took a quick shower. She helped him into some clean clothes and laughed softly when he flopped onto his bed with a grateful groan. She folded his towel over the rack above the heating element in the bathroom then turned out the lights.

"Stay a bit?" John asked as he rolled over on his back. "Just to stay?"

He was drifting to sleep when he felt the bed dip beside him. He rolled over on his side, sliding an arm around Elizabeth's waist. John pulled her close and tucked her head under his chin. She smelled of jasmine and lily and felt like home. He pressed a sleepy kiss to her forehead. He soon fell asleep.

Elizabeth waited until he was asleep then sat up. John rolled into the space she'd occupied with a sleepy murmur. Elizabeth ran the fingers of one hand through his still damp hair, careful not to wake him as she stood. She looked over at the small clock he kept beside the bed. It was still early. She knew she should leave, but she felt compelled to stay.

"You are such a mistake," she told him.

John slept on, oblivious to her comment and sad tone.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and sighed. She removed her boots then slid back into the bed behind John.
Tags: fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: elizabeth weir/john sheppard

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