March 24th, 2018

Luna Lovegood HBP

Four AU recs (various fandoms and ships)

Fandom: Dawson's Creek
Pairing: Joey Potter/Pacey Witter
Title: and I can almost see
Author: finkpishnets
Link: AO3
Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences, none.
Word Count/WIP?: 1,764 words, no.
Recced on LiveJournal By: profshallowness

Type of AU: Soulmark AU.
Why This Must Be Read: Because this fandom of all fandoms should have soulmate-identifying-mark fic. Joey over-thinks it all, of course.

She knows it like she knows the steps between her house and Dawson’s window, or every line of E.T., or when Pacey’s going to drop a smartass comment to ruin any semblance of a meaningful moment.

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