April 15th, 2016


"Freelance" by good_news_everyone (T)

Okay, I know it's DC month, but I'm a Marvel fangirl at heart. And hey, this one's got Marvel's truth-justice-and-the-American-way-iest character working at a newspaper, so that's got to count for something, right?

Fandom: Captain America
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
Title: Freelance
Author: good_news_everyone
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5504963
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 4,241 (complete)
Recced on LiveJournal By: stars_inthe_sky

Why This Must Be Read: Every Steggy shipper loves a good AU where the pair gets to have a snazzy postwar life of being awesome together, and this is pretty much that—a neat merger of an AU premise (everybody works at a newspaper) with canon elements. Plus, it's just plain fun. And there's a teenage Bucky running around (a la his comics counterpart), and who doesn't love that?
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Toys by astolat (Explicit)

Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Pairing: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar
Title: Toys
Author: astolat
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6540319
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Word Count: 2,225
Recced on LiveJournal By: tinnny
Why this must be read: Because it's hot, basically. *g* Lucifer annoys Chloe into fucking him - and Lucifer has experience, to say the least. The sex is appropriately overwhelming, and astolat's characterization is perfect. Short, hot and sweet. What's not to like? ;)