April 1st, 2016


Des Plus Brilliants Exploits by twentysomething

Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: girl!Sid Crosby/Geno Malkin
Title:Des Plus Brilliants Exploits
Author: twentysomething
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): explicit
Word Count/WIP?: 35551/no
Recced on LiveJournal By: throwingpens
Special Rec 1 of 30
Why This Must Be Read: I'm a sucker for always-a-girl hockey fics, but I think this one is compelling even if you aren't into this fandom. This version of Sid Crosby is particularly wonderful. Her slow-burn intense feelings for Geno are so incredible to watch unfold over the course of the 2010 Olympic games. Twentysomething's descriptions evoke a lot of latent emotion, and I love that. The use of Alex Ovechkin as comedic relief is what brings me back to this story time and time again. My ao3 bookmark just says: literally my favorite sid/geno story (girl sid has such fucking good hair)

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