February 6th, 2016


Avengers, 2 recs, Natasha/Clint

Not my personal OTP (see icon) but hey, good writing is good writing, and these fics are great. No one writes Clint like andibeth82, regardless of the pairing!

Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton
Title: i know places
Author: andibeth82
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2554670
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Word Count/WIP?: 13,518 (complete)
Recced on LiveJournal By: stars_inthe_sky

Why This Must Be Read: Post-Loki, Clint goes back to the heartland to figure himself (and Natasha) out in this nuanced story. It takes place firmly in the MCU, but the author injects a good deal of comics references (score one for Barney Barton fans), and the relationship between Clint and Natasha feels real and natural.


Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton
Title: dancing the dark turmoil
Author: andibeth82
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4081546
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 9,524 (complete)
Recced on LiveJournal By: stars_inthe_sky

Why This Must Be Read: To call this a shippy story may be a bit of a stretch—it's "Age of Ultron"-compliant, so Clint is married to Laura, and nothing physical or even explicitly romantic happens here. Yet it's so thoroughly about the relationship between these two and their depth of feelings for each other (however you characterize them) that it's hard not to be impressed by the author's ability to make an explicitly gen friendship feel like something else entirely.

Three Vic/Walt recs for Longmire

Longmire is an impressively-plotted show with rich, multi-faceted characters who want to jump each other's bones but can't - aka fanfic writer's heaven.  Strangely, there's only a tiny amount of fanfic, but most of it is Vic/Walt, and some of it is marvellous.

Fandom: Longmire
Pairing: Victoria Moretti/Walt Longmire
Title: If you lived here, you’d be home by now
Author: vickrock

Link: At FFN
Rating/Warning(s): T
Word Count/WIP?: 15,261/No

Recced on LiveJournal By: jaq_of_spades
Special Rec: 6/29
Why This Must Be Read:  The entire story feels like stream of consciousness straight from Vic Moretti’s mind. Short, sharp sentences, a bleak worldview, one-liners so funny they’ll make laugh out loud, dialogue so true to the show you’ll think you’re watching rather than reading about Vic running from her fics for Walt. 

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