January 27th, 2016


Mod Post: Community Requests for February's Challenge

That's right, we're bringing back community requests for our challenge next month!

How This Works: We're going to spend the next couple days compiling a list of community requests that you'd love to see your fellow het_reccers recommend fics for. We'll publish the list of those requests at the beginning of February, and spend the month helping our fellow comm members out with excellent fics!

What Can I Request?: Anything! You are of course welcome to request any specific ships you'd love to find fic for, but if you'd like to be more specific (i.e. "I've seen up to season five of The X-Files—anybody have any recs that don't spoil later seasons?") or more general (i.e. "Anybody have any good recs for fake dating fics?"), that's cool too. Blanket requests for fandoms or specific ships are, as always, 100% welcome.

Some example requests:

The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Gaby Teller/Ilya Kuryakin
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Enemies-to-lovers trope, any fandom welcome
The 100, Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake, anything set after the season 2 finale

A Few Things to Note (aka The Fine Print): You will be limited to THREE REQUESTS (if you request more things, only the first three will make the list). While this is an open format for requests, please remember that we are a het-focused reccing community: gen, slash, and poly ships are not the name of the game here. Also, please use both the FIRST AND LAST NAMES of any people you might request, along with telling us what fandom you're asking for. Don't assume people will know what you're talking about without being specific!

Where Can I Do This?: If you're on Tumblr, respond to this post or send an ask to het-reccers. If you're on LJ, comment here!
Will not do

A Life More Ordinary by Yulianka

Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Maria DeLuca/Michael Guerin, Liz Parker/Max Evans, Isabel Evans/Alex Whitman, Tess Harding/Kyle Valenti
Title: A Life More Ordinary
Author: Yulianka
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4613476/1/A-Life-More-Ordinary
Rating/Warning(s): T, none
Word Count/WIP?: 23,465/No
Recced on LiveJournal By: seren_ccd
Special Rec: 41 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: I love this fic. If you’re looking for something light, fun, with excellent banter that will make you laugh out loud – this is your fic. I love fics that take the time to fix unnecessary angst in a fun way and this fic does that. It’s not a parody, but it doesn’t let any of the characters take themselves so seriously and oh, I love, love, love Tess and Maria in this. And did I mention the funny? Two words: ‘Alien string’. Just read, it’s delightful.

One Agent Carter fic and one Killjoys fic

Fandom: Marvel's Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa
Title: Lonely Town
Author: Paeonia
Link: At AO3
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Word Count/WIP?: 14667 / Yes
Recced on LiveJournal By: zantedesha

Why This Must Be Read: After a fun, flirty start to the second season of Agent Carter, I went in seach for great Peggy/Jarvis fics. No such luck. But since I'm shipping Peggy with almost anybody (because she is that wonderful), I gave this one a shot. It takes the story a few chapters to really settle into the sort of fic it wants to be, but once it does, it's a poignant look at a man who carries more than a few invisible scars from the war, but who tries darn hard to be an honorable man. There is a prequel of sorts called Quo Vadis?, but it's not necessary to read beforehand.

And suddenly she was looking up and smiling politely and saying Maybe another time, all right? I’ve got to meet a friend…. And he was furiously scrubbing the scene from his mind and wondering how long would it take — for God’s sake, how long would it take?

The sooner he got out of New York, the better.

Fandom: Killjoys
Pairing: Dutch/Johnny Jaqobis
Title: May Be Like the Perfect Storm
Author: lady_ragnell
Link: At AO3
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, AU
Word Count/WIP?: 13238 / No
Recced on LiveJournal By: zantedesha

Why This Must Be Read: Killjoys is the little, wonderful show that fills the Firefly-shaped hole in my heart. The main character, Dutch, can be stand-offish at times, but she's so, so vulnerable underneath. This fic is a beautiful exploration of a woman who'll burn the world to the ground to save the man she loves; even if she'll never tell him that she cares. I absolutely loved it.

“If you're watching this,” John says on her screen, “things have probably gone to shit.”

“Maybe I'm dead. Maybe I'm missing in an op. Maybe I disappeared to a desert island, but if I retired that quick I probably would have taken Dutch with me, and Dutch, you're probably the one watching.” He sighs, scrubs a hand across his eyes. He's in the upstairs room at Pree's. She recognizes the color of the smudged paint. “So, Dutch … I'm sorry. Whatever happened to me, it's not your fault, I promise, and I don't want you to wear yourself out on this. If I'm dead, I'm dead. If I'm missing, you quit when Bellus tells you.”

He knows she won't. He must know she won't. Dutch can't bear the thought of John waiting in some kind of prison of Khlyen's devising with the expectation that she wouldn't move heaven and earth to find him again

*Mods, may I have a tag for Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa and for Killjoys and Dutch/Johnny Jaqobis?