May 31st, 2015

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Quests And Promises , StoryFocused , T+

Fandom:Merlin/Marvel (Norse Mythology)
Pairing: Morgana Pendragon / Loki Odinson
Title: Quests And Promises
Author: StoryFocused
Link: AO3 OR Fanfiction.Net
Rating/Warning(s): No warnings. Some sexual interactions later on.
Word Count/WIP?:5142 words
Recced By:noonakitty

Why This Must Be Read: Because the story gives us an introduction to all the characters and makes us root for them or hate them. It reads like a fairy tale and has aspects from Arthurian legends and Norse mythology. Summary --> AU story. Following an interesting tale of Morgana's dealings with Odin's sons (Tyr and Baldr are included since they are brothers to Thor in the mythology). A broken promise is the catalyst for a sudden journey. The journey is filled with obstacles and oddities. Loki and Morgana cross paths like ships in the night.

"Never a Good Day” and its sequels, by cj2017, PG-13 to NC-17

For my final rec, I want to share with you a novel length series that is one of my all-time favourite fanworks.

Fandom:Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing:Sarah Connor / Derek Reese
Title:the Never a Good Day series
Never a Good Day
Close to Normal
Know Your Exits
Brothers(an interlude)
Breaking Point
The Butterfly Effect
Rating/Warning(s):Ranges from PG-13 to NC-17 for a lot of violence, bad language, and sex
Word Count/WIP?:Each work is a story unto itself and they vary in length. The complete series is around 175,000 words.
Special Rec:30 of 30 (whew!)

Why This Must Be Read:The Never a Good Day series is an incredible read for T:SCC fans, but it's also so well written you could read it with only a minimal knowledge of the show. And you should. Why?
Well, because it's an epic resolution to a complicated show. The series diverges from canon a few episodes before the end and takes the characters on an amazing series of adventures that leads to a satisfying conclusion for everyone (well, not the bad guys). These stories are fully of snappy plotting, snarky humour, and a wonderfully drawn Sarah/Derek relationship. Strongest of recs.