May 29th, 2015

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Vampire Diaries, 4 recs, Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore + 1 Bonnie Bennet/Damon Salvatore

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie Bennet/Damon Salvatore
Title: hold me (like I was born to be held)
Author: sarcastic_fina
Link: here @ AO3
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 for graphic sex
Word Count/WIP?: 3,628 /no
Special Rec: 25 of 30

Why This Must Be Read: Bamon is my Vampire Diaries OTP and the prison world storyline has inspired many great stores. Canon-divergent from 6x10 (Christmas Through Your Eyes), this is the best of them. It is the most emotionally raw and beautifully romantic smut I have ever read. The sex is incredible, but it's the lovely, complicated mess that is Bonnie and Damon together that makes this piece so powerful. A must-read for fans of this pairing.

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore
Title: Finally, you and me (are the lucky ones this time)
Author: sarcastic_fina
Link: here @ AO3
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Word Count/WIP?: 4,168 /no
Special Rec: 26 of 30

Why This Must Be Read: A future story of a relationship that is being built on friends-to-lovers with big (and healthy) boosts of self-esteem and security for Caroline, courtesy of caring and understanding Stefan. This fic highlights everything that could be beautiful about this relationship and fills it with so much love it makes my heart glow.

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The Avengers, 10 recs, Natasha Romanov/Steve Rogers

Continuing with my fashionably late responses to the April request challenge that also fit the Marvel challenge, ozqueen requested Natasha/Steve.

Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Natasha Romanov/Steve Rogers
Title: Natalie, Natalya, Natasha
Author: wintergrey
Rating/Warning(s): M
Word Count/WIP?: 6176/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: A 1940s AU where Natasha, who's currently learning how to assimilate into American culture, is talked into being Steve's date on a double date with Bucky and one of her fellow waitresses. This story is STUNNING. I love the way Natasha instantly sees Steve's goodness and worth, the way she's so gentle with him, and even though she's living a lie, she does her best to be as open and honest with him as possible, and it's clearly the most emotionally vulnerable and raw she's ever been with anyone ever. And Steve is just perfect in this story. Inexperienced and self-deprecating, but unexpectedly bold and unfailingly respectful of Natasha's boundaries and privacy. This was bittersweet and lovely and I enjoyed it so much.

Title: Fairy Tale Life
Author: Miko
Rating/Warning(s): E
Word Count/WIP?: 32,332/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Natasha recruits Steve into going undercover with her as a newlywed couple when she suspects a corporation near a Seattle suburb is actually a HYDRA corporation. But is backup really all she's after? I love me some tropes and this was a nice, meaty read with FEELINGS, and ANGST, and FLUFF, and ROMANCE, and SCORCHING HOT SMUT, AND AND AND. I like that the author allows both characters to be complicated and flawed, while never losing sight of the best and most heroic parts of them.

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