March 18th, 2015


The Future of the Het Big Bang

Those who have been members of this community for a few years (or longer) may recall the Het Big Bang, an annual multifandom het-themed writing and illustrating challenge that ran for three rounds, from 2011–2013. The mods of that Bang also used to manage this community; last year, however, due to a lack of time, they handed over the reins for both het-reccers and het-bigbang to your current mods, stars-inthe-sky and blithers.

We both love moderating this community and aren't going anywhere, but, like our predecessors, we don't have the time to also run a large challenge, especially not at the level of organization and mindfulness that the previous mods maintained. That said, we're both proud past participants of the Het Big Bang, and we'd love to see it have a future as an annual event affiliated with this community.

So, here's our question to all of you: Is anyone interested in taking over and running the Het Big Bang in 2015 and beyond?

Please bear in mind that this isn't a small job (the 2013 Bang had a total of 91 works)—you may want to recruit a co-mod or two before you volunteer as tribute, or look in the comments here for others who might want partners. As the mods of het-reccers, we will happily promote the crap out of this Bang, give you moderator access to the requisite communities (both the main Bang one and the participants-only Help one), and otherwise pitch in where we can. We may even participate, schedules and plot bunnies permitting. But if you want this role, it's your responsibility; we will not be co-moderating it with you. We're passing the torch on for a reason.

If you're interested, leave a comment on this post and let us know what an awesome job you'd do!
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