March 12th, 2015


Parks and Rec(s), 11 recs, various pairings

(But mostly Leslie/Ben.) I'm still working through my finale feels and everything this fandom means to me, and that means...fic recs!

Fandom Category: Parks and Recreation
Pairing: Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt
Fic Title: Paint me like one of your French girls
Author: stillscape
Rating/Warning(s): R
Word Count/WIP?: 4,250 (complete)
Recced By: stars-inthe-sky

Why This Must Be Read: If you read Parksfic, you know stillscape’s work. This 1920s-Parisian-art-scene AU may sound kooky, but the author is a master at this sort of thing—weaving together canon and the historical setting, figuring out just the right roles for each character to play, and finding a way to bring Leslie and Ben delightfully, happily, and only a little bit awkwardly together.

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2 Recs, "The Cutting Edge", Kate Moseley/Doug Dorsey

Special Rec 08
Fandom: The Cutting Edge
Pairing: Kate Moseley/Doug Dorsey
Title: Foreplay
Author: blushingflower
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 2440

Why This Must Be Read: Because Kate puts on such an air of competence and maturity you can forget that she's just 21 and has lead a sheltered life.

Special Rec 09
Fandom: The Cutting Edge
Pairing: Kate Moseley/Doug Dorsey
Title: Flip
Author: tree
Rating/Warning(s): Teen / masturbation
Word Count/WIP?: 961

Why This Must Be Read: There is a sad lack of sexy in this very small fandom, but this story manages to pack a LOT of it in.