February 25th, 2015

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It's All Fun And Games (Until Somebody Loses Their Mind) by catteo (Explicit)

Fandom: Agents of Shield RPF
Pairing: Chloe Bennet/Brett Dalton
Title: It's All Fun And Games (Until Somebody Loses Their Mind)
Author: catteo
Link: HERE
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Word Count/WIP?: complete
Recced By: redbrunja

Why This Must Be Read:

I've tried reading RPF before and always bailed out somewhere around two paragraphs in. This is the fic that took my RPF cherry. It totally sucked me in. The tone is a delight - funny and sexy. This fic has excruciatingly drawn out UST (that yes, does get resolved), pining from both main characters, and arguably the hottest hand job I have ever read.


Chloe definitely does not spend the weekend freaking out. She knows this because she does utterly productive things like organize her underwear drawer by color and buy a whole new set of sheets. She chooses them based on the thread count and not the fact that they complemented her sexiest lingerie and, therefore, the two activities are totally unrelated. She even rewatches some completely randomly selected episodes of the show and closes her eyes when Brett’s topless. (Just to prove that she can.) She finally hits pause at a moment that was totally unintentional, only to find Arthur staring at her with a sorrowful look on his face. She wonders when she got to the point that even her dog started judging her life choices.

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Self Rec: This Is The Art Of Living With A Ticking Heart by redbrunja

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen
Title: This Is The Art Of Living With A Ticking Heart
Author: redbrunja
Link: HERE
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Word Count/WIP?: complete.
Recced By: ME!

Why This Must Be Read: This is a fun, sexy one-shot with a great Felicity Smoak voice, a few deliciously quippy lines, and some seriously excellent kissing. BONUS: rashaka did a fantastic podfic of this fic.


"We're not–" she made this tearing motion with her hands and then gestured back and forth between them. "I have a stupid unrequited crush. You have an epic, star-crossed romance with disapproving parents and a shipwreck. A literal shipwreck, Oliver."
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2 Self-Recs: Star Trek XI

Fandom Category: Star Trek (reboot)
Pairing: Nyota Uhura/Spock
Fic Title: Like the Stars, Like Your Destiny
Author: anodyna
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/112119?view_full_work=true
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, no warnings
Word Count/WIP?: 21,005 words, complete
Recced By: Self-rec!

Why This Must Be Read: I love this pairing, I love Academyfic, I love stories that tell you about characters before we knew them and how they got where they are. This story is a love letter to Nyota Uhura, brilliant and perceptive, deeply in love, who learns one day that her life is an alternate reality. I loved writing backstory for her, I just loved writing this, period. Bonus Vulcan poetry and Interplanetary Young Adult fiction.

Fandom Category: Star Trek (reboot)
Pairing: Gaila/Spock Prime
Fic Title: The Orion-on-Vulcan Method
Author: anodyna
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/112122
Rating/Warning(s): Teen, no warnings
Word Count/WIP?: 6963 words, complete
Recced By: Self-rec!

Summary: Gaila needs somewhere to recuperate after being injured in the Battle of Vulcan. What better place than with Spock Prime on the Vulcan colony world? Hijinx, cultural misunderstandings, and unlikely romance ensue.

Why This Must Be Read: GUYS THIS PAIRING, I LOVE THEM. I love them in a singular way, judging by the contents of the Gaila/Spock Prime tag on AO3, AND YET. They’re funny and perfect and what started as a crackfic idea somehow turned into arguably the greatest thing I ever wrote. They’re making pointy-eared green babies somewhere even as we speak. :)

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Four multifandom recs featuring Wolverine

Most of us have a favourite character that we can pair with a whole range of different people, in canon, out of it and even across verses. For me, that character is the Xman Wolverine.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Xmen Movieverse
Pairing: Faith Lehane/Wolverine
Title: Fieldwork
Author: thistlerose
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/115478
Rating/Warning(s): M
Word Count/WIP?: 1460/No
Recced By: jaq_of_spades
Why This Must Be Read: Lighthearted little romp with Faith and Wolverine and poor Giles offering a quick demon consult over the phone. Funny and cute and still manages to tickle the darkness of these two characters a little.
Special rec: 19/28

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