November 12th, 2014


Challenge 135: The Avengers, 24 Natasha/Steve recs

So...I might have...possibly...gone a little overboard with this. I just have so many FEEEEEEEELINGS about this ship, especially in the wake of CATWS and no one else is reccing them and WHY?? WHY AREN'T YOU ALL OVER THIS SHIP, FANDOM? But, ahem, for your convenience I've sorted these recs into loose categories.


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These next recs are all about the smut, b/c let's be real, that's what y'all are here for. This is just a sampling of some of the smut that's out there, but from what I've gleaned from my ahem, exhaustive research is that the Nat/Steve fandom has collectively decided that Steve really REALLY likes going down on Natasha. LOOK I DIDN'T MAKE THIS RULE, I'M JUST SAYING. (IT'S TOTALLY TRUE THOUGH, LIKE, WHERE IS THE LIE REALLY??)

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And last but not least, have some of my favorite stories that didn't fall into any of the above categories! *jazz hands*

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AND THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL THE RECS. *collapses!* Enjoooooy! :D