November 9th, 2014


Challenge 135: The Avengers, 18 Darcy Lewis multipairing recs

Friends, I have been slacking on the recs, and I apologize for that (really??? The last time I posted was in 2012??? SHAMEFUL). Remember when I used to make ginormous Darcy multipairing rec posts? I'M BRINGING IT BACK GUYS.

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The Legacy We Shall Leave Behind by StoryFocused (M)

Hello Darlings,
I'm going to post this here as a way to entice others to do so as well! Let us get ths community rocking once more :)

Fandom Category: Thor (Marvel)/Merlin
Pairing:Morgana Pendragon/Loki Laufeyson
Fic Title: The Legacy We Shall Leave Behind
Word Count/WIP?: According to the site → 13844 words
Recced By: Me!noonakitty

Why This Must Be Read:A rare pairing. The dialogue is the star of this fanfic.