November 4th, 2014


East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Alydia Rackam (Teen)

Fandom Category: Twilight
Pairing: Leah Clearwater/Edward Cullen, Bella Swan/Jacob Black
Fic Title: East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Author: Alydia Rackam
Rating/Warning(s): Teen/Vampirism, attempted suicide, violence
Word Count/WIP?: 53,524/No
Recced By: honor_reid

Why This Must Be Read:  Author's summary: AU ending for New Moon. What if, when Edward suspects Bella is dead, he instead rushes back to Forks? What struggle would he face when he finds she's alive? And what if the only one who discovers he's back is Leah Clearwater? 

I don't often read in this fandom, but I decided to give it a try as I love Alydia's writing and I am very glad I did.  The journey this unlikely couple goes on is both painful and healing.  The author does a brilliant job of keeping both Leah and Edward in character.  Leah is still angry, and heartbroken and Edward is still...Edward, but Alydia allows them to actually grow as individuals.  At first they are like oil and water, or more like fire and gasoline, but eventually they become tentative friends and then more.  If you give this story a chance you won't regret it!

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The Walking Dead, 3 recs, Beth/Daryl

Totally fell in love with Beth/Daryl last season, so just in time for the current episodes...

Fandom Category: The Walking Dead (TV)
Pairing: Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon
Fic Title: Fundamentals series (Relativity, Gravity, Chaos, Fusion)
Author: seren_ccd
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 56,107 for whole series
Recced By: eevilalice

Why This Must Be Read: This series so fit the bill after Beth and Daryl were off on their own for a bit last season. It's a slow build that diverges from canon, and the characterization is wonderful. I love fics that explore Beth coming into her own, and this is one.

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Revolution, 5 recs: Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe

I realised I had totally, irrevocably fallen for Revolution about the time the news of possible cancellation set in.  And the great flowering of Revolution fanfiction - and particularly, the Charloe ship that whispered a little in Season 1, and then yelled its head off right throughout Season 2 - seemed to take place in het-reccers defunct period.  So without further ado, five Charloe recs, most of them recent, all of them wonderful.  (I'll save the rest for the fandom manifesto I feel the need to write - after Nanowrimo.)

Fandom Category: Revolution
Pairing: Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe
Fic Title: Brush Strokes
Author: LemonSupreme
Rating/Warning(s): M
Word count/WIP?: 65971/No
Recced By: jaq_of_spades

Why This Must Be Read: The possibilities of where our embittered, fierce warriors might be if society hadn't collapsed is endlessly fascinating to most Revolution readers; this story takes that potential and hits it hard, giving us a Bass Monroe that left the Marines to become an artist.  Young Charlie Matheson is studying art, and jumps at the chance to intern at a gallery that is featuring her uncle's old friend as its artist-in-residence.  Their affair explodes all over the page and is by turns scorchingly hot, heartbreaking, uplifting, and ultimately, immensely satisfying. Consistently good from the first word to the last, this story is a marvellous mix of fabulous writing and wonderful storytelling.

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