October 31st, 2014


Big news: het-reccers is now on Tumblr!

As of about a week ago, het-reccers officially has a live, functional Tumblr mirror! You can (and should) follow us here: http://het-reccers.tumblr.com/

All posts to this LiveJournal, starting with our "Hello from your new mods!" announcement, will now be automatically posted to Tumblr via IFTTT. So, if you're not on LJ much anymore, or if you'd like to like and reblog rec posts, here's your solution! We (blithers and stars_inthe_sky) are the mods on Tumblr as well as LJ, so let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We've made it look as much like the LJ mainpage as we can, with similar header links and so on.

LiveJournal will continue to serve as this community's complete archive—that is, you won't see any content on Tumblr that isn't on LJ, and if you want to search for posts by their fandom or ship tags, comment on a post, or post to the community yourself, LiveJournal will still be the place to do that. Thanks to two very generous anons, we now have two years of paid-account status on LiveJournal, so tagging by ship and fandom will continue on LJ (and we've added those tags to posts made in the gap months between paid accounts, don't worry)

A few other things to keep in mind with this new feature:

  • We now accept asks and submissions via Tumblr—please see this post for additional information.

  • All Tumblr posts appear as posts by het-reccers, so we've added a "Recced on Tumblr/LiveJournal By" field to the community's basic posting format in order to make sure that reccers get credit for their posts. (That field replaced the "Genre" field.)

  • All posts on Tumblr will be tagged with the same set of generic tags: #het reccers, #het rec, #fic rec, and #het fic, so you can track any of those tags, if you prefer.

  • The mirroring of posts began on Monday, October 27, 2014, and there are currently no plans to import the 3,404 older posts onto Tumblr.

  • LJ user links (i.e., what happens when you do the < lj user = name > rich text thing) look fine on the mirror blog itself but funky on posts as they appear on your Tumblr Dashboard. We're not really sure why, but you may want to refrain from using those links in the future to avoid the formatting weirdness. You can use regular rich-text links (< a href = link url >) to your heart's content, as we've done in this post.

Come follow us on Tumblr, enjoy, and get reccing!

P.S. This community's Dreamwidth counterpart is still accessible on that website; however, it is not an active mirror of this community. You may of course cross-post your recs on both websites, but only the LiveJournal version will mirror to Tumblr. LiveJournal posts willnot automatically appear on Dreamwidth, nor vice versa—you'll have to cross-post manually.
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