September 20th, 2014

Art Deco

Under a Summer Sky by abluestocking

Fandom Category: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Pairing: Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson
Fic Title: Under a Summer Sky
Author: abluestocking
Rating/Warning(s): Teen and up
Genre: Romance/Mystery
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I LOVE fake!married and this trope is wonderfully applied to Phryne and Jack and it is beyond delightful. It's from Jack's perspective and his inner dialogue is fantastic - sharp and just this side of fondly exasperated and well, turned on. Their voices are spot on and if you haven't checked out this series yet, you must! It's the perfect fic for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

*Mods, I'm afraid I need tags for Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson.