August 18th, 2013

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Thor, 5 recs, Sif/Loki

1. Fandom Category: Thor
Pairing: Sif/Loki
Fic Title: Temper (Special Rec: 11/30)
Author: meritmut
Link: Temper
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Fluff, angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The language is lovely, and the author does a great job of capturing Loki and Sif's sexual tension and keeping them close to their (movieverse) characters. That should be enough reason to read, honestly.

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2 AU Gilmore Girls recs

Fandom Category: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes, Lorelai Gilmore/Christopher Hayden
Fic Title: Star-Crossed, Colorado
Author: deepfriedcake
Rating/Warning(s): T, no warnings
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: Gilmore Girls in the old west. Lorelai runs the boarding house, Luke is the frontier town sheriff, Miss Patty's is the local dancehall/saloon. Sounds like a fanatstic premise, right? Add to that wonderful, deft characterization, where everyone is still recognizable but perfectly changed to suit the setting, like Lorelai being desperate to hide the fact that she is not the respectable widow she seems, in a time and place where a pregnancy out of wedlock turned a woman into a social pariah.

It's a torturously slow updating WIP, but every new chapter is well worth the long wait.

Fandom Category: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes
Fic Title: Variations in the Key of Luke
Author: Eledgy
Rating/Warning(s): K+, no warnings
Genre: Preseries AU, Drama, General
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: This isn't quite so extreme an AU as the western, but is still different from the show; Luke doesn't run Stars Hollow's best diner, because he's just returned to town after five years of traveling the world with Rachel, his wife, and their kindergarten aged son. It's still too early in the story for any Luke/Lorelai romance, but there's a wonderfully written friendship growing between them, and a palpable connection, as Luke is slowly growing into the man he was on the show.