December 10th, 2012

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Study by rageprufrock (G, Bleach)

Fandom Category: Bleach
Pairing: Inoue Orihime/Kurosaki Ichigo
Fic Title: Study
Author: rageprufrock
Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Inoue grows strawberries.

Ichigo runs through the little details he has noticed about Orihime. This is a very sweet story that goes AU early in canon (as in, pre-Soul Society early) that captures Orihime in all her zanyness. (Because Orihime love is always a good thing.)

A Question of Trust by Melusine6619

Fandom Category: Babylon 5
Pairing: Susan Ivanova/Marcus Cole
Fic Title: A Question of Trust
Author: Melusine6619
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit, Violence, Romance, Explicit Sexual Content, Erotica. Action/Adventure
Genre: Series, First Time
WIP?: Complete
Why This Must Be Read: Babylon 5 is one of my favorite television shows. An event can have effects several episodes later or even later in the series. Susan Ivanova's relationship with Marcus Cole is a fiery one with two strong personalities. A training accident leads to a downed craft. Told in alternating first person point of view, we learn a lot and wonder if they will survive.
Special Recommendation 7 of 20

I need a Susan Ivanova/Marcus Cole tag please.

The Promise into the Light by Jourdana Standish

Fandom Category: Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing: Lucy Pevensie/King Caspian
Fic Title: The Promise into the Light
Author: Jourdana Standish
Rating/Warning(s):PG, : Depiction of a major character dying/death
Genre: Series
WIP?: Complete
Why This Must Be Read: The Chronicles of Narnia was one of my favorite series as a teen ager. As I grew older, I would reread the series and discover new insights as I grew and learned. Queen Lucy was a person I fell in love with as she grew and matured. In this story, she is a young woman dying in the hospital. In Narnia, King Caspian sees Lucy and realizes that she is dying. He entreats Aslan for a miracle which reunites him with Lucy.
Special Recommendation 08 of 20