November 14th, 2012


Tale on a Winter's Eve by Meltha (PG)

Fandom Category: The African Queen
Pairing: Rose Sayer/Charlie Allnut
Fic Title: Tale on a Winter's Eve
Author: Meltha
Rating/Warning(s): PG/Character death
Genre: Romance, Drama
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 10 of 22

Why This Must Be Read: On a wintery night Rose reflects on her life with Charlie. This was my Dad's favorite movie, so growing up I got a chance to watch it more then once, so it was great to find this story and get a chance to spend more time with these two. I love the way the author weaves such a beautiful tale of the life of Rose and Charlie. The turn of phrase in this story is simply lovely, and so well done.
blue girl

Burning Deep Inside My Veins by mercscilla (PG-15)

Fandom Category: Revolution
Pairing: Charlie/Miles
Fic Title: Burning Deep Inside My Veins
Author: mercscilla
Rating/Warning(s): PG-15, Incest, Spoilers through episode 6
Genre: Angst, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Please, please tell me I'm not the only one watching Revolution who sees the incredible chemistry between Miles and his neice Charlie. Maybe? I have been waiting for fandom to take off for this show and it has been slow going so far. (Especially because I like pairings that are never going to happen.) This story is another take on the episode "Sex And Drugs" and expands on the all the subtext between these two characters. I hope the author writes more for this fandom. (And this pairing!)

Mods may I have tags for fandom: revolution, ship: charlie/miles? Thank you. :)

Prodigal Son by Notesfromaclassroom (PG-13)

Fandom Category: Startrek 2009
Pairings/Characters: Spock/Uhura, Sarek/Amanda, Sybok, Kirk, McCoy, T'Pol
Fic Title: Prodigal Son
Author: Notesfromaclassroom
Rating/Warning: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Family/Action Adventure

Summary: On a desolate planet a Vulcan rebel hears a telepathic scream and knows he must return to his home world…no matter the cost. He puts the honor of his family in jeopardy, but sometimes, to confront the future, you have to confront your past.

Why this Must Be Read: Despite the summary this story is filled with fluffy romantic goodness and FUN. The story’s “future” revolves around the return of Sybok. The story’s past deals with how Amanda/Sarek first became a couple. The “future” is tense and action packed, the “past” is sometimes fluffy, often funny, and very touching.

It is one of Notes best stories, and if you read her work you know that is saying something.

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