August 17th, 2012

  • aj

Staring Contests and Other Games by awesome/badhairdays, (M)

Fandom Category: Hawaii-50
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarett
Fic Title: Staring Contests and Other Games
Author: badhairdays/awesomehairdays
Rating/Warning(s): M, Season 1
Genre: Humor, romance, introspection, silliness.
WIP?: Complete!

Why This Must Be Read: I love hairdays' Kono voice. It's wry, clever, and the author does an amazing job of telegraphing that it's not a 100% reliable narrator without breaking the narrative or the mood. The author also does a fantastic job of populating the piece with small oc's who are fully-formed people with smart, good reactions to the bucket of crazy that is Kono and Steve and KonoandSteve. (FYI, check out all of the author's stuff because it's ALL fabulous and keeps the same wry, evil tone present in this.)