June 12th, 2012

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REC: Categorized Under 'Empathy' by Jayflight111

Fandom Category: Community
Pairing: Annie Edison/Abed Nadir (with Britta Perry/Troy Barnes in the background)
Fic Title: Categorized Under 'Empathy'
Author: Jayflight111
Link: www.fanfiction.net/s/8174237/1/Categorized_Under_Empathy
Rating/Warning(s): G, maybe mild PG at most. No warnings, but spoilers for the latter half of Season 3; in particular, it probably works best if you've seen the Season 3 episode "Virtual Systems Analysis".
Genre: Romance, Friendship, with a side order of mild angst

Why This Must Be Read: To start, it has a funny, charming premise; Annie, in 'what is probably the strangest form of seduction ever documented', has decided on a roundabout strategy of surreptitiously watching Abed's DVD collection to try and bond with him by familiarising herself with all the shows he's ever referenced, which Abed gradually picks up on. But the author captures both characters perfectly, and enables them to develop realistic and convincing feelings for each other while still capturing the fundamental issues that both would face -- Annie's frustration with and difficulty reading Abed's stoic, hard-to-decipher persona and Abed's struggle to engage with the awakening empathy that his feelings for Annie are developing.

Plus, the last line's an absolute killer.

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Elegance with a sword

Hearts of Ice by Krista Perry (R)

Fandom Category: Ranma 1/2
Pairing: Tendo Akane/Saotome Ranma
Fic Title: Hearts of Ice
Author: Krista Perry
Link: www.akane.org/heartsofice/story/ or www.fanfiction.net/s/264446/1/
Rating/Warning(s): R, original character death
Genre: Adventure, Romance
WIP?: No, complete at 26 chapters, 279,662 words
Setting: later in the series
Special Rec: 12/28

Why This Must Be Read: This epic-length Akane/Ranma story is definitely engrossing! Amusingly enough, Nabiki completely steals the show. I admire what the author did with Ryouga's characterization, in particular. However, the author does become rather fond of long descriptive paragraphs, and I ended up skimming the final third of the story, looking for plot. Still, it's quite enjoyable. This fic's Ranma can get slightly maudlin, but I felt it worked within the story. Yes, it is a old classic in Ranma fandom, but I'd have never known about it if I hadn't seen it recently mentioned elsewhere, and I'm passing on the love to other fans. ^^