June 10th, 2012

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Skip Beat!, 2 recs, Mogami Kyoko/Tsuruga Ren

Fandom Category: Skip Beat!
Pairing: Mogami Kyoko/Tsuruga Ren
Fic Title: Snowfall
Author: kitsuneirei88
Link: www.fanfiction.net/s/3901311/1/
Rating/Warning(s): G, None
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No, complete at 3 chapters, 12,645 words
Setting: after Act 110
Special Rec: 10/28

Why This Must Be Read: Mr. Yashiro's matchmaking actually works for once! In a fandom that is so very focused on the main canon(?) couple, this fic stands out for solid writing and characters who are actually in-character. It's always nice when that happens, hmm? ^^ This fic made me d'awww and laugh and even squee, so I recommend it for anyone who needs some sweetness in their day.

Fandom Category: Skip Beat!
Pairing: Mogami Kyoko/Tsuruga Ren, Kotonami Kanae/Yashiro Yukihito
Fic Title: A Wink, a Poke, a Gentle Shove
Author: MadnessinmyMethod
Link: www.fanfiction.net/s/4849656/1/
Rating/Warning(s): PG, None
Genre: Drama, Romance
WIP?: No, complete at 15 chapters, 42,572 words
Setting: If you know about Princess Rosa, you're good
Special Rec: 11/28

Why This Must Be Read: This is a sweet almost-epic about the fandom's favorite couple, along with an amusing dash of Kanae/Yashiro. Kuu also has a fine appearance! The author does make a few mistakes with honorifics and the movie business, but the fic was enjoyable enough that I can forgive them.

Mods, I need tags for the two pairings, please. ^^

The Avengers, 16 Multipairing Natasha Recs

I bring you all another Natasha Multipairing rec post for those fine folk who requested Natasha/Clint and Natasha/Anyone.

Fandom Category: The Avengers
Pairing: Natasha Romanova/Bruce Banner
Fic Title: although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight
Author: paperclipbitch
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/427614
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Post-movie
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: A gorgeous one-shot. Natasha is given a mandatory vacation and she spends it idling in Avengers Tower, where Bruce is also spending his days. The characterization is fantastic and it's a treat to watch Bruce and Natasha get to know and become more comfortable with each other.

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