April 19th, 2012

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[grey's anatomy] 4 recs, lexie grey/various

Fandom Category | Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing | Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan
Fic Title | Calculatus Eliminatus
Author | leobrat
Link | http://leobrat.livejournal.com/267644.html
Rating/Warning(s) | PG/none
Genre | Drama.
WIP? | No
Special Rec | 18/?

Why This Must Be Read | This is the story that changed my fic reading habits. It's all the things I would NEVER usually read. It's got Mark Sloan in it for starters. And it's Mark/Lexie futurefic. And, probably most significantly of all, it's babyfic. But I relented and read it anyway. And it's brilliant. And showed me that all of these things that I would never want to happen on my show can be completely captivating in fic. And for anyone put off by the idea of babyfic like I initially was, it's not at all what I was expecting and I dare you to try it! But as much as she hadn’t wanted a hypothetical baby, an actual baby she couldn’t make herself not want. With all they had been through in the past year, with all Lexie had ever been through...Well, she knew life was short and there wasn’t always a later.

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