March 16th, 2012

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NCIS, 5 recs, Ziva David/Tony DiNozzo

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Ziva David/Tony DiNozzo
Fic Title: Burning Bright & Come hither, Sleep
Author: littlesammy
Link: &
Rating/Warning(s): NC17
Genre: Angst, Romance
Special Rec: 21/100

Why This Must Be Read: There are a lot of stories out there dealing with the effect Somalia had on Ziva so it's refreshing to see one that looks at how others are handling the aftermath of that summer. Burning Bright shows us the night Tony and Ziva shared in Paris, while Come hither, Sleep continues the story through the next couple of episodes. I'm not sure what I adore more about these stories -- the evolution of Tony and Ziva's relationship, Tony's good night wishes for Ziva, or the pitch-perfect characterisations.

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dr. horrible

Challenge 85: 6 AU Multi-Fandom Recs (HIMYM, Inception, Grey's Anatomy, etc)

6 AU multi-fandom recs!

Fandom Category: How I Met Your Mother
Pairing: Barney Stinson/Lily Erickson
Fic Title: Not Breathing
Author: divine one
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13 - Hard R/NC-17
Genre: Angst Angst Angst
WIP?: Not technically, though the author now has at least 9 parts/sequels (all oneshots)
Why This Must Be Read: This is the start of the author's "marshalldeadverse", which is how the first one starts. Marshall dies, and somehow Lily has to move on. The tragedy and heart-break is SO palpable, and some of the parts in this series have made me cry *like anywhere from tight-chested choking up to full on sobbing). Some involve some pretty graphic sex scenes, so warning there, but mostly everything is incredibly well written - and totally depressing, but in such a good way. The evolution of Lily and Barney's relationship is so well done, and so in character. I can't say enough good things about this series, it's mind-blowing and so, so sad but so, so freaking good.

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