November 29th, 2011

tarrant & alice: night

A Fruitful Courtship by wanderamaranth and manniness (Mature)

Fandom Category: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Pairing: Alice Kingsleigh/Tarrant Hightopp
Fic Title: A Fruitful Courtship
Author: clay_roses and manniness
Rating/Warning(s): Mature / sex
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 29/30

Why This Must Be Read: Who doesn't love some good old-fashioned sexual tension? When Alice agrees to let Tarrant Hightopp court her she really has no idea what she's gotten herself into and what follows is an amazing epic that is sure to satisfy every UST craving you've ever had.

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Captain America
  • mudg3t

No Good For Me by ozqueen (R)

Fandom Category: Captain Planet
Pairing: Wheeler/Linka
Fic Title: No Good For Me
Author: ozqueen
Rating/Warning(s): R; explicit drunken sex
Genre: Angst, smut
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: In a fandom full of OOC fluff for these two characters this brings something different and refreshing. It draws on their tumultuous, unrequited feelings, acknowledging the spark between them, but on a completely different level. There's no undying claims of love and romance here, though it reveals the complexity of their relationship and the attraction that sits just below the surface. It combines elevated emotions, alcohol and smutty goodness into a believable and hot fic. ozqueen doesn't fail to deliver on this one, and she has a natural talent for writing smut fic without it sounding crass and OOC. Did I mention it was hot?