November 18th, 2011

Challenge 77: Epic/Long Fic | Love's Smirking Revenge by Langus

Fandom Category: Inuyasha
Pairing: Kagome Higurashi/Inuyasha, Rin/Sesshoumaru
Fic Title: Love's Smirking Revenge
Author: langus_fiction
Rating/Warning(s): MA (sex, language, violence)
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Romance
WIP?: No - 200,904 words (41 chapters)

Why This Must Be Read: I have yet to meet a fanfic writer who can write a good, solid, absolutely engaging mystery - so this story was a wonderful surprise. Written like an old-school hard-boiled detective novel, Langus sweeps us into a modern-day world while keeping the canon mythology that makes Inuyasha so interesting and complex. There are multiple storylines which weave together in compelling and sometimes surprising ways, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. There is also plenty of hot romance between canon pairings - so if that's your thing, then this is definitely the story for you :P

Just when you think you know whodunnit, the author throws out a final shocking twist - one that reverberates through the entirety of the story, making you want to go back and read it all over again from the beginning. Another nice touch is that every character has closure, not just the main pairing - a rarity for sprawling fic with multiple story arcs. This is a definite don't miss!

ETA: Edited 11/10/12 to reflect the story's status as complete & to tweak the final recommendation.
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Out of Shadow, by Sophiax (PG-13)

Fandom Category: Harry Potter
Pairing: OFC/Tom Marvolo Riddle
Fic Title: Out of Shadow
Author: Sophiax
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13 | mentions of torture and attempted assault, though nothing too graphic
Genre: Apoca!fic, time travel, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The time travel genre in Harry Potter fanfiction has produced some of the best stories in the fandom, and this one is a personal favorite of mine. The original character, Honora, is a great, well-rounded character. She has her flaws and quirks, and yet despite the harsh world she was born to andn grew up in, she still has the capacity for compassion. One of the greatest things about this story, though, is the author's portrayal of Tom Riddle himself. She maintains his core character throughout the fic, keeping him as the ruthless, cunning young man he is. However, he also proves himself willing to adapt. He doesn't drop his desire to rule the world when faced with the love of a young woman and new information, he adjusts his plans, like a true chameleon, and that's what makes this story such an amazing read!

"Warning Labels" series by honey_wheeler, obsession_inc, kyrafic, and annakovsky

I just searched my brain for a het epic that I haven't already recced here and this is what I remembered. (Incidentally, comb back through the archives for HP's "After the End" and "Hermione, Queen of Witches," Buffy's "Phoenix Burning" and "Bittersweet Legacy," and Parks & Recreation's "and next stop, the world" for more fantastic epics that I would've recced had they not already been recced, several by me.)

Fandom Category: The Office (U.S.)
Pairing: Pam Beesley / Jim Halpert (really, are there any others?)
Series Title: Warning Labels
Author: honey_wheeler, obsession_inc, kyrafic, and annakovsky.
Link: It's all at warning_labelsbut starts here:
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 for graphic sex, lots of angst, various mature themes, etc.
Genre: Angst liek woah
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Season 2 and 3 fics are all about the angst and the UST of everyone's favorite Scranton couple. This epic series resolves the ST pretty quickly and yet still piles on the angst like crazy in the process of imagining an AU where Jim and Pam hook up in early Season 2--but very little else changes, at least not immediately. In fact, most of it occurs directly in the backdrop of canon. Because of that, things get a little OOC later on, but by then the authors have built things to a point where it makes more sense. And then there's the angst, with raw feelings so tactile you could cut 'em with a knife. (For what it's worth, the authors all have a lot of work in this fandom, much of which is way happier.) It's far from the happiest JAM fic you'll read but it's well worth the investment.

Team Peeta

3 epic fic recs: Veronica Mars, The Hunger Games, The Office

Fandom Category: Veronica Mars
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Fic Title: Everything Hits at Once
Author: annie_oakley
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Angst, mystery, romance (it's epic!)
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: This story starts with a future Logan and Veronica, faced with solving a crime that hits very close to home. As the mystery unfolds, we also get a number of flashbacks that show us how Veronica and Logan got here, as well as where all of our favorite secondary characters have been. The mystery is really well-crafted and will keep you guessing until the end.


Fandom Category: The Hunger Games
Pairing: Katniss/Peeta
Fic Title: I Do
Author: HalfHope
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Action, angst, romance
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: This story is an AU that asks what would have happened if the Quarter Quell didn't occur and Peeta and Katniss had to go through with their wedding? Would it still all be an act? What's interesting about this fic is how much their story still gels with canon, despite the fact that it's technically AU. This will definitely help hold you over until the first movie comes out. (March 2012!)


Fandom Category: The Office
Pairing: Pam/Jim
Fic Title: The Love Song of Squirrel McPants
Author: time4moxie
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Romance, angst, humor
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: After Jim returns to Scranton from Stamford, he secretly joins a chat room to meet up with Pam (unbeknownst to her) and find out how she really feels about him. The problem is, once he knows, how will Pam feel about his deception? The banter here betwen Jim and Pam, the other Dunder-Miffinites, and the OCs is just perfect. This is a really fun read--I promise you'll laugh out loud a few times.
jack & sam: one last thing

String Theory: An AU Series by Annerb (Mature)

Fandom Category: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Fic Title: String Theory: An AU Series
Author: annerbhp
Rating/Warning(s): Mature / sex, violence
Genre: Alternate Universe
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 18/30

Why This Must Be Read: One of my favorite things on the show were the multiple realities that we would occasionally get glimpses of throughout the seasons. Annerb does an amazing job in this AU showing how similar and yet different a civilian Dr. Samantha Carter would be. The gradual growth of her relationship with Jack and the slow burning romance is so well done; I'm in love with this universe and after reading this series you will be too.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Epic!Rec

Fandom Category: Fullmetal Alchemist (First anime, post Conqueror of Shamballa)
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, Winry Rockbell/O.C., Winry Rockbell/Edward Elric, Maes Hughes/Gracia Hughes
Fic Title: Sorrow's Dark Array
Author: D. M. Evans/cornerofmadness
Link: FFN:
Rating/Warning(s): R/Teen
Genre: Heartbreak/Romance, Angst, Moving on After an Injury
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: cornerofmadness, first of all, takes Roy out to even further extremes than in the first animated series. He has to deal with his former enemies, the Ishbalans, whom he decimated in the previous war, he's doing his best to help Winry Rockbell recover from the loss of the Elric brothers, including helping her find a new boyfriend, he's getting married to Riza, and then, a few catastrophic things happen, like him nearly dying from a bomb, a family that goes on and on and on, and the return of the Elric brothers, along with someone literally brought back from the dead.

cornerofmadness does amazingly well with her huge cast of characters, including her O.C.'s, who are all very well-rounded. There is also a prequel to this story, The Source of Sorrow, and she's currently working on a third story in the trilogy.

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Challenge 77: Star Trek - 1 reboot and 2 TOS

Fandom Category: Star Trek:2009
Pairing: Uhura/Spock
Fic Title:Pride and Logic
Genre: SciFi Romance;action;angst

Why This Must Be Read: This writer has taken the world of Pride and Prejudice and introduce the Star Trek players. It's really cool how she has taken the old story and worked the new morals of the crew into a believeable and entertaining version of the classic.

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Epic SGA fic recs

Please bear with me this is my first time reccing :-S I hope I'm doing this right, and I hope you enjoy my recs!

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir
Fic Title: Unexpected
Author: oparu
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, graphic sex.
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Simply because of it's epicness! Seriously, this AU fic is utterly engrossing, wonderful plot, fabulous characterisations and lots of lovely shipiness. A great AU which crosses over with the SG1 universe, spun off from the episodes The Return (Part 1 and 2), a MUST READ!  :-D

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir
Fic Title: Diminishing Proximity
Author:  irony_rocks
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, graphic sex.
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: An amazing AU fic, with great characterisations again and an intricate interesting plot with lots of hawt shippiness!  I can re-read this fic over and over!  Another MUST READ! :-P

Thank you!  Clicky clicky! ;-)