September 5th, 2011

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Doctor Who/Torchwood fic recs

Hello to this fabulous community. I am an avid DWHO fan (and watch the random Torchwood episode, only so I can watch the magnificent Captain Jack and his outrageous flirtation and romance with Ianto), so I come bearing fic. And I cheated, a little, because I slipped in a few stand-alone Doctor Who and Torchwood fics amongst the fabulous crossovers I've recced. But they're all fantastic, and I am happy to spread the love. So then - onwards!

Fandom Category: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/known universe
Fic Title: Everyman
Author: basingstroke
Rating/Warning(s): NC-95, spoilers for Torchwood finale
Genre: angst and fluff
WIP?: No
Why This Must Be Read: A look, on Jack's side, of the relationship between the Doctor, Jack, and, let's face it, Martha. How he hurts every time he dies, but because he loves the Doctor with all his heart, will sacrifice himself over and over again. There's a running bit where the Doctor pops in and out of Jack's life, wanting to wish him a happy birthday, and  he's always off by a little bit, and it's up to Jack to grin and remind him that he's either a 100 years too early or 50 years too late, and it's heartbreaking but fantastic to read. There's lots of flirty banter between Jack and Martha, and oohhh, there's Jack and Ianto and it's perfect. Everything about this fic is just right.

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rory-centric, Amy/Rory
Fic Title: Vita Longa
Author: sam_storyteller
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, spoilers for the fifth season finale, written pre-"Let's Kill Hitler"
Genre: time travel, flashbacks, character study
WIP?: No
Why This Must Be Read: Oh god, I heart Rory with all of my heart. And the minute he popped up as a Centurion, I started screaming THERE MUST BE FIC ABOUT THIS SOMEWHERE. This fic does such a good job at crafting the two lifetimes our Rory spent, one growing up with Amy, and one growing up as a distinguished Roman. This was written waaaay before "Let's Kill Hitler," so obviously, the prequel bits of Amy and Rory getting together are very different, but I still haven't decided which version I like better. There's a lot of Latin, a lot of Rory getting it on with everyone, because, he's crazy gorgeous, a lot of Rory being a badass, of the heartbreaking romance between him and Amy - and, and, just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Eleven/River
Fic Title: You're Just My Cup of Tea, Or: Domesticity is Setting In
Rating/Warning(s): PG, spoilers through "A Good Man Goes to War"
Genre: lots and lots of flirting
WIP?: No
Why This Must Be Read: There's a lot of angsty fic and vidlets made out of the Eleven/River ship, and it's expected, considering THEY HAVE THE MOST TRAGIC RELATIONSHIP OF ALL TIME. But you can't forget, they're the existential couple, who live in the moment, and their moments are just filled with shenangians and flirty banter. Dollsome captured all of these things in this wonderful, wonderful drabble, and it's just a gem to read. River comes upon the Doctor's cupboard of tea cups, and finds out little bits of trivia (did you know the Doctor gave Lady Gaga a disco stick and she USED IT WRONG?). And she lets slip the fact that the Doctor regularly feeds her tea. It's just a wonderful ball of fluffiness.

Happy reading, y'all!

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Watson's Ghost by Camilla Sandman (Mature)

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rose Tyler/The Doctor
Fic Title: Watson's Ghost
Author: misscam
Rating/Warning(s): Mature / minor character death
Genre: Supernatural, Angst, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: A murderer runs free as Rose and the Doctor are left to deal with the consequences. But this is not an ordinary death on an ordinary planet, here the dead are not really dead, and Rose Tyler is forced to walk with ghosts in order to prove their innocence. misscam has a true gift for storytelling, and this unique piece will have you at the edge of your seat anticipating what will happen next.

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Strange as Angels by argyleheir (PG-13)

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Amy/Rory
Fic Title: Strange as Angels
Author: argyleheir
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Humor
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:
This is a fantastic, sharply witty Rory POV piece on just what it's like to transition from normalcy to romping around the TARDIS (and, ya know, time and space) with Amy. Funny and sexy, with small, moving moments of bittersweetness and uncertainty.

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River's Handbag by b_c_draygon (PG)

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/The Eleventh Doctor
Fic Title: River’s Handbag
Author: b_c_draygon
Link: LiveJournal
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: No
Special rec: 6/25

Why This Must Be Read: River's handbag saves the day on their latest adventure, but whenever the Doctor tries to figure out the secrets of the bag, River does that thing to the Doctor's ear.... Perfect River Song characterization and voice!

Beneath a Hazzard Moon by WENN9366 (PG)

Fandom Category:  Dukes of Hazzard
Pairing: Daisy Duke/Enos Strate  
Fic Title: Beneath a Hazzard Moon
Author: WENN9366
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG, Some Violence
Genre: Mystery/Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:  This story takes place after the series wraps up.  A killer is stalking and killing women in Hazzard and the surrounding counties, Daisy gets taken, and this brings Enos Strate back to Hazzard after 4 long years as an L.A. detective.   I loved this story, I especially loved the authors take on Enos, he is a competent hard-working detective, whose also been in love with Daisy most of his life.  The mystery in this story is suspenseful, the romance between Enos and Daisy is at times bittersweet, but there is also a sense of hope running throughout.  Such an awesome, well-written, well-paced story.  I highly recommend it.  Enjoy!